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where do living cells come from?
September 7, 2008

what is the answer to question 5 (d)
August 16, 2008

how do I solve 4(m+3)-2m=3(m-3)
June 30, 2008

French(needs a site)
I'm doing a french presentation, and I would like to add some fun/funny facts about the french but I can't seem to find a good site. Please help!
May 1, 2008

well something like a given situation, and you have to write an algebraic expression relating to polynomials then solve it.
April 20, 2008

do you know any good sites that have polynomial word problems for people in grade 9?
April 20, 2008

Thank You very much.
March 28, 2008

An electron de-excites from the fourth quantum level, to the third and then directly to the ground state. Two photons are emitted. How does the sum of their frequencies compare with the frequency of the single photon that would be emitted by de-excitation from the fourth level...
March 28, 2008

If you see a red-hot star, you can be certain that that its peak intensity is in the ingrared region. Why is this? And if you see a violet-hot star, you can be certaiin its peak intensity is in the ultraviolet range. Why is this?
March 28, 2008

Since every object has some temperature, every object rediates energy. Why then, can't we see objects in the dark?
March 28, 2008

How do the avalanches of photons in a laser beam differ from the hordes of photons emitted by an incandescent lamp?
March 28, 2008

what happens when a candle is alight?
January 31, 2008

A 3mf capacitor and a 5mf capacitor are connected in parallel to a 16v battery. a) What is the equivalent capacitance of the connection? b)What is the voltage drop across each capacitor? c)How much charge is stored on each capacitor? and d) What total charge is stored on the ...
May 31, 2007

The electric field between two charged plates is 2000N/C. What is the voltage difference if the plates are separated by a distance of 1.0 x 10^-4 m? I know that the answer is supposed to be .2 volts but I have no idea what formula to use??? can anyone help?! E*distance= ...
May 31, 2007

You purchase XYZ company's perpetual preferred stock, which pays a perpetual annual dividend of $8 per share. If the appropiate discount rate for this investment is 14%, what is the price of one share of stock? Thank You! 8/.14 = 57.14
March 29, 2007

number 12 is seismic.
January 2, 2007

Math Help!
Write an expression in algebra for each of the following: 1. the number of cents in x dimes 2. the difference if four is subtracted from x 3. the sum of three consecutive integers 4. the product of three consecutive integers plz help i dont get these questions Use N to ...
November 24, 2006

Science help
Electricity is all about the electrons, never protons. Why not? Thanks for ure help. Electrons are free to move. Protons are much more massive, and are never free. do you know anything about math, bobpursley?
November 20, 2006

acids and alkalis
PLease help can u name to examples of acids and alkalis. Or just give me th web sight to find the answer please. Love Ella
November 4, 2006

Dangling Modifiers
I believe this one is correct-this is because the volcano is the one erupting
August 30, 2006

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