March 24, 2017

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i need help defining these slang words from th 1920s. These were the ones I coulnt find. -all my whiskers -lickey split -blind dragon -park -carhop -stuffy -pash -wishbook -white cow -chopper -ricky tick
January 13, 2010

some environmentalists today urge strict ocntrols over the development of natural reosurces. Is this kind of govermnet regualtion consistent with americas free enterprise system. explain.
December 6, 2009

ap us history
list ten political and economic reforms the Populists proposed in their platform during the populist movement
November 20, 2009

ap english
in Scott Russell Sanders short story "the Inheritance of Tools", what is his purpose or purposes?
November 12, 2009

math final tmrw!!!!!!!
1) wat term should be added to x squared+22x, so tat the result is a perfect square trrinomial
June 3, 2008

solve the equation by completing the square. 1) x squared-8x-4=0 2)x squared+7x=-12
May 29, 2008

Algebra HELP
USE LINEAR COMBINATIONS TO SOLVE THE SYSTEM OF LINEAR EQUATIONS (please show steps) 1) -X+8Y=16 2) 4X+5Y=-2 3)4Y=15-3X 3X+4Y=36 5X-4Y=-23 2Y=3X+21
December 13, 2007

List the professional teams and years Freddy Sanchez played foe them.
November 7, 2006

When scientists record the volume of a gas, why do they also record the temperature and the pressure? Because the P and T affect the volume of the gas. A measure of matter is mass, to get the mass of gas one must know volume, temperature, and pressure. The density of a gas is ...
October 28, 2006

pe basketball
How long do you have to get the ball across the midcourt line? is it 8 seconds Look for backcourt violation.
October 18, 2006

PE Basketball
what is another name for end line,what is another name for it how long do you have the inbound ball??? baseline, 5 secs
October 18, 2006

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