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Since the sound still needs to travel back up the well, it will actually take longer than 5.11 seconds. v=d/t 343=128/t t=0.37 5.11+0.37=5.48 seconds.

i need a website that will help me with my integers

Space Science
What are some possible jobs relating to the space industry?

i have a problem figureing out this question do you have any help? need to find the input and output of these numbers input 2 & output 9, input0 & output7, input-9 & output-2, input-20 & output-8 nothing seems to work. help me please

Replace each letter with a number to make the problem correct. Identicle letters are placed with identicle numbers. PARTS x 4 = STRAP

Yes, i understand that but can't figure out with what or how many different ways ..

I fell asleep trying to figure this one out ... if you could help I would appreciate it ... Here is the problem .. If Jon, Mac, and Heather are taking a group photo, how many different ways can the photographer line them up? .. okay, I have that one .. = 6 ... but now i have t...

The method of computing finance charges is based on the average of credit balances from each day during the month?

what are 2 types of weathering?

One factor i forgot
I don't know if this is imperative but at the top of the problem it says one + one = two .... not sure if that is a hint or just a title so to speak for the problem...

Help please on how to solve the following problem: If E,N,O,T, and W each represent a different integer, can you find more than one solution to this problem? Thanks in advance!

Can you please help me figure out how i go about figuring the following problem? .... A farmer has both pigs and chickens. There are 78 feet and 27 heads. How many pigs and how many chickens are there? ..... I am not sure what to do to figure it out. thanks in advance for your...

modern world history
how did humanism influence the growth of learning

Thanks, tried that... it is as baffled as I am and only comes up with the same word I type in .... thank you for your attempt, it is appreciated.

How is one supposed to come up with rhyming words for words such as character, sincerely, question, else???? I don't know what we are expected to come up with? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Ding dong ... the lightbulb turned on .. thank you ... got it figured out!

I am not sure how to go about figuring this out ... Shuffle the numbered cards of an ordinary deck of cards (aces equal 1). Pick out one card to be the answer card. Then deal off the top four cards to use for an equation. Try to use 2,3,or all 4 cards to form an equation. Exam...

What is the definition of Rising Action?

Social Studies
how many Us representatives are there? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Read carefully for your answer:

7th grade Science
What are the different types of a gene? and What is a solidified remains of an organism?

How do you write or say School Supplies in Spanish? School Supplies in Spanish is.... Provisiones Escolares Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Usually you don't need to capitalize either "School Supplies" or "Provisiones Escolares." (sc...

how do i graph C=15+.10n and C=.25n assign C a vales like 0 and 1 and -1 and solve for n Then assign n similar values and solve for C then plot these poins on a graph.

Giving someone a job for being loyal to you during an election is called what>? "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" logrolling i learned that today in my class

PLEASE HELP- managerial economics
I just need an answer check on these true/ false questions, PLEASE: 1. A principal-agent problem occurs when managerial decisions are inconsistent with the firm’s revenue maximizing objective. False 2. A firm making less than a normal profit would have an economic loss. T...

What three things can unbalanced forces do to an object? Unbalanced forces change velocity. They can stop it, slow it, rotate it, or speed it up (accelerate it) What is a function as factories to produce proteins?

Social Studies
People may have reached the region that is now Louisiana about _________ years ago? a. 6,000 d. 18,000 b. 12,000 e. 24,000 This is simply a stupid question. It is a very intensive field of investigation, yet no definitive answer is yet available. Currently there is some DNA ev...

Artist 12th grade
MAn i need serious help with this homework, There are 3 sections i need help in. Two Dimensional Design, Color theory, and animal art. Please if anyone can help me, contact me either by email, or PM on the fourms. I will pay for assistance. thanks, Dylan I will help you! And y...

Chemistry 20
This is lame.. Aspirin haha

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