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A passenger in a moving car and a passerby standing at the road side see each other as moving in the opposite direction. Which of the following is NOT true?

waist water treatment
Algea growth in receiving water Phosphorus (wrong) Oxygen depletion of receiving water Suspended solids (wrong) Suspended solids Turbidity increase of receiving water Pathogens Growth of waterborne diseases true.

waist water treatment
1/Why do the following components need to be removed from sewage under current law before it can be discharged on the surface water? Nitrogen Algea growth in receiving water Growth of waterborne diseases Turbidity increase of receiving water Oxygen depletion of receiving water...

science linear prog
A small farm in Illinois has 110 acres of land available on which to grow corn and soybeans. The following table shows the cultivation cost per acre, the labor cost per acre, and the expected profit per acre. The column on the right shows the amount of money available for each...

science linear equation
A theater is presenting a program on drinking and driving for students and their parents. The proceeds will be donated to a local alcohol information center. Admission is $18 for parents and $9 for students. However, this situation has two constraints: The theater can hold no ...

1200=500/x + 500/x^2 + 500/x^3 + 500/x^4

In a certain chemical process,a lab technician supplies 254 j of heat to a system. At the same time,73 j of work are done on the system by iys surroundings.What is the increase in the internal energy of the system?

A steel rod of length 1m is heated from 25°c to 75°c keeping its length constant.The longitudinal strain developed in the rod is:(steel:12 X 10^-6/°c) "6X10^-4" ; "-6X10^-4" ; "0" please help me as soon as possible by explain this.

physics/chemistry(kinetic ..gasses)
Please help...

physics/chemistry(kinetic ..gasses)
How many degreed of freedom have the gas molecules,if under standard conditions the gas dendity is 1.3kg/m^3 and velocity of sound propagation on it is v=330m/s?

mary color a picture with colored marker. she used red 2 times blue 3 times yellow 6 times orange 1 time and green 1 time. what fraction of the time did mary use yellow?

A cannon tilted up at a 26.0 degree angle fires a cannon ball at 78.0 m/s from atop a 12.0 m-high fortress wall. What is the ball's impact speed on the ground below?

4TH grade
thanks i will try

4TH grade
what are the major land biomes

2nd grade
i don`t know and r u sure your in 2nd grade

4TH grade
if your geting a bank loan of 100,000 how much would you be getting payed

just because they do

life science
animal cell sorry

life science
animal cell

life science
how do I create a concept map using the following: animal call, glucose, oxygen, carbon dioxide, atp, mitochondria, and cellular respiration?

how should i know! :)

1st grade

2nd grade
chair of i don`t no what ur taking about is it a desk

Kindergarten trip sheet
make some slides

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