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how much force is required to stop a 100 mi/hr fastball? assume the catcher's mitt stops the ball in 1 millisecond and the mass of a baseball is 145 g

That is funny.... We all have class with Filzen. lololol

Estimate the surface energy of (110) face of K crystals given just the information in the periodic table. Express your answer in the unit of J/cm2.

Polyglycolic acid, PGA, is a polymer that we know rather well how to control the structure of (even though there are currently only limited applications). So in the lab we have created two types of PGA for testing, a linear chain PGA and a branched chain PGA. Assume comparable...

Lead iodide, PbI2, has a Ksp in water of 7.1e-9 M3 at room temperature. Calculate the solubility of PbI2 in water. Express your answer in grams per liter. What is the solubility of PbI2 in 0.1 M NaI (aq)? Express your answer in grams per liter.

A slab of plate glass containing dissolved helium is placed in a vacuum furnace at a temperature of 400 C to remove the helium from the glass. The concentration of helium is constant throughout the glass before vacuum heat treatment. After 10 minutes in vacuum at 400 C, at wha...

A pressure vessel is lined with a membrane to reduce the loss of helium. The membrane is made of a material through which the diffusivity of helium at 25 C is 3.091 x 10-10 m2/s. The concentration at the inner surface is maintained constant at 4.00 x 10-6 kg/m3. The concentrat...

Composition A: 5% MgO - 95% SiO2 Composition B: 20% MgO - 80% SiO2 The two glasses above are soaked in molten calcium chloride (CaCl2) at the same temperature for a time long enough for the properties of the two glasses to approach a steady value. What glass will have the larg...

On the basis of electrical measurements, it is concluded that the equilibrium vacancy concentration in a given metal is two orders of magnitude higher at 807 C than at 498 C. What is the energy of vacancy formation (ΔHv in kJ/mol) for this metal?

Determine the amount (in grams) of boron required to be substitutionally incorporated into 1.000 kg of germanium in order to achieve a charge carrier density of 3.091 x 1017/cm3. Assume intrinsic carriers are negligible. What type of conduction will be present in this material...

Determine if light with wavelength 3.00 x 10-7 m incident on gallium nitride (GaN) can generate electrons in the conduction band. Gallium nitride has a band gap of is 3.2 eV. Photons with wavelengths below what value will generate electrons in the conduction band of GaN? (Expr...

For each pair of materials, indicate which has the larger band gap. 1. GaAs BN 2. AlAs InAs 3. C Ge 4. InAs GaAs 5. InP GaP

Draw the three dimensional structure of hydrazine (H2N-NH2) and answer the following questions about what you have drawn. How would you describe the geometric arrangement of electron domains around each nitrogen? linear trigonal planar tetrahedral trigonal bipyramidral octahed...

2.7*10^3, sorry

2.6 *10^3 Volts

Solid State Chemistry

Guys, the mathematics is correct. Look at what is being asked. It's simple.

Pete, the dimensional analysis is wrong. You should just convert the eV to joules.


AP government and politics
WASSAP HOMESKILLETSi need help.. so does anyone know how much we need to know about equilibrium expressions for the AP gov and pol exam?? because my friend told me his exam last year asked him about chemical equilibrium on his exam and im afraid i might be asked this question ...

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A 12,000 lb truck is backing up at 5 mph. When it strikes a 170 lb person the driver immediately applies the brakes. How far will the truck go before it stops?

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English grammer
you are all illiterate. grammer? sentances? all these examples are copied from online. I am really concerned for education in America if this is how some schools are run.

n order to study the amounts owed to the city council, a city clerk takes a random sample of 16 files from a cabinet containing a large number of delinquent accounts and finds the average amount owed to the city to be $231. It has been claimed that the true mean amount owed on...

some of them help but I need an examples for this poem. and i don't really understand this poem, can someone help explain this poem to me?

here is the poem You are reading this too fast. Slow down, for this is poetry and poetry works slowly. Unless you live with it a while the spirit will never descend. It's so easy to quickly cut across the surface and then claim there was nothing to find. Thouch the poem ge...

I need help on analyzing the poem, "you are reading this too fast" by Ken Norris

statistics/mean and standard deviation

A stepping motor with 200 steps angles ( = 200) is coupled to a leadscrew through a gear reduction of 5:1 (five rotations of the motor for each rotation of the leadscrew). The leadscrew has 2.4 threads/cm (which means the distance between two adjacent threads is 1 / 2.4 cm). T...

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Revise the following sentences to make one of the existing sentences subordinate to the other. People know they are going to have to retire; they often do not save enough money to do so comfortably. (this one is my answer, but I like the second one better) People know they are...

english grammar
Are the qutation marks correctin either number one or two? 1.“Did the professor say,” Put down your pencils?”’ Janice asked. 2. "Did the professor say, 'Put down your pencils?’ Janice asked

Chem ? Help!
do it yourself

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“x”(units)“y” (units)k = y/x 1.041 A 4.0 V 2.083 A 8.2 V 3.127 A 12.3 V 4.162 A.16.0 V 5.200 A 21.0 V

TRIAL “x” (units) “y” (units) k = y/x 1 .041 A 4.0 V 2 .083 A 8.2 V 3 .127 A 12.3 V 4 .162 A. 16.0 V 5 .200 A 21.0 V

How do i do this ? ? ? : Suppose you have collected the data shown below for the circuit in Figure 1. Voltage is measured across the resistor. Current is measured through the resistor. The exact value of the resistor is 100 Ω. Figure 1. DESCRIBE THE MEASURED QUANTITIES: &...

I have a question about the marginal utility theory If someone is at consumer equilibrium consuming normal goods, will an increase to income increase total utility consumption of goods? An increase in income will increase total utility as well as consumption of normal goods. C...

Marginal Theory Predictions
Quick Question For a consumer that is at consumer equilibrium purchasing normal goods: will an increase to income increase total utility to the consumer?

thanks :D

unscrambling word

unscrambling word

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