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Please help with really hard chem question?
An electrolysis experiment was run for 17.5 minutes at an average current of 191 milliamps (mA). The mass lost by the copper anode was 0.0679 grams. a) Calculate the number of coloumbs transferred. (coloumb=ampsxsec) b) Calculate the moles of copper lost from the anode. c) Cal...

When I look into my beautiful 1981 Vanagon's rear view mirror, I see a semi-truck coming toward me way too fast. The truck has lost its brakes and is traveling at 140 km/hour down the steep mountain road we're on. At the last second, the truck exits onto an escape ramp...



IQ scores are normally distributed with a mean u = 100 and a standard deviation o =15. Based on distribution, determine % of IQ scores between 100 and 120 =

A researcher determines that 42.7% of all downtown office buildings have ventilation probles. Is this census data or sample data?

A certain disease affects 9 out of every 10,000 Americans. In a city of 4.5 milion people, how many would you expect to have the disease.

write an expression for situation... 15 more than q

skills of a teachers aide
According to the SMCR model, problems in communication can arise when the speaker fails to do what?

in a business report, what spacing should you use between lines?

business communication
D. Is wrong answer

one reaction was between the aluminum and the leftover hydrochloric acid the products are aluminum chloride and hydrogen gas. the other reaction was the aluminum and the copper(II)chloride.. this produced aluminum chloride and copper metal. what was the evidence that hydrogen ...

there are 2 reactants copper(II) oxide and hydrochloric acid the products are copper(II)chloride and water. what change will you observe in the copper(II)oxide? was there a change in solubility? where is the copper(II)chloride? how can you tell

college chem
two reactants are copper(II)chloride and water what change would you observe in the copper(II)oxide. was there a change in solubility? where is the copper(II) chloride? how can you tell

Pre Algebra
use the discriminant to determine whether the following equations have solutions that are: tow different rational solutions; two different irrational solutions; exactly one rational solution; or two different imaginary solutions. 25x^2=10x-1

from 630 feet at the top of the horizon. Due to the curvature of the earth how far away is the city. using d=sqrt[3h/2] where d is the distance in nautical miles and h is the height in feet.

early childhood language arts
true or false Preschoolers'knowledge of alphabet letters is a good predictor of early reading achievement.

d. There are 200 students in a sample. How many of these students will have scores that fall under the score of 41? Mean=45 standard deviation=4

what is the answer to this math problem, y= -1/4(x+3)^2-3

Aspirin is synthesized in a reaction with a theoretical yield of 0.728 moles of aspirin. What is the % yield of 1.26 g of aspirin is recovered MW of aspirin is 180.15 thank you so much!

The length of a rectangular piece of property is 1 foot more that twice the width if the perimeter is 302 feet, find the length and width

Practice Problem #16 pg. 307: A researcher theorized that people can hear better when they have just eaten a large meal. Six individuals were randomly assigned to eat either a large meal or a small meal. After eating the meal, their hearing was tested. The hearing ability scor...

what is the salt name for Fe3+ reacting with CrO4 3- Thanks!

the correct answer is 3 4(5n-7) = 10n+2 20n-28 = 10n+2 20n= 10n+30 10n=30 n=3

social studies
What was Alexander the greats'goal wheb he poured out drinking water offered to him ib the desert and what were the results?

How many half lives will it take for a sample of a radioactive isotope containing 20000 radioactive nuclei to decay to 2000 radioactive nuclei

probability and statistics
Chapter 9: 17. Do students at various universities differ in how sociable they are? Twenty-five Students were randomly selected from each of three universities in a region and Were asked to report on the amount of time they spent socializing each day with Other students. The r...

Twenty students randomly assigned to an experimental group receive an instructional program; 30 in a control group do not. After 6 months, both groups are tested on their knowledge. The experimental group has a mean of 38 on the test (with an estimated population standard devi...

calculste the variance of this set of numbers 2, 2, o, 3, 1, 4, 1, 3, 0, 0, 1, 4 4, 0, 4, 3, 4, 2, 1, 0, and the standard devative

220514130014401434210 find the variance

220514130014401434210 find the variance

5/2 is the answer and if it need to be broken down here is the answer 2.1 = 2

a rectangular with a width of x centimeters has an area of centimeters. x^2 + 50x centimeters. Find the Binomial that resperents the length

Annie is walking to school leisurely at a speed of 1.0 m/s for the first half of her trip. She then remembers that her physics teacher told her that she must average 2.5 m/s to make it to school on time. Realizing she might be late, she starts running. However, after a quick c...

social studies - religion
Describe the place and role of mary and the saints in the life of the church

Please describe, in detail, two physiological innovations that enabled animals to effectively colonize land.

reasoning....write in order fronm leasr to the greatest the six numbers whose digits are 2,8,9

Criminal justice
How much will it cost me to get my essay critiqued? I have an essay describing each court level and its responsibilities and describing the two main differences you found between the state and federal court systems. I do not want anyone to write my paper just review it.

•What are some of the benefits that unsaturated fats and proteins provide when included in a balanced diet? Explain your answer.

human services
If you had to summarize your learning from the multimedia and distinguish between the two types of evaluation, which includes two examples of each evaluation type illustrated in the multimedia, what would you say or what site would you go to find the information.

Thank you!

How does a scientist tell if a valcanoe is active or inactive and what is the criteria

human services
I have learned that to have an evaluation when working with the human services department, and how doing an evaluation can or can not be good when issues are being made or how they might work for clients. How some think that the manager must be the one to make evaluation and h...

human services
What would you say are the two types of evaluation in human services and what would be their pros and cons of each evaluation.

In genology (the earth) what are the two historical figures and the process of mantle convention and plate movement.?

earth/science 245
Thank you Sue.

earth/science 245
Plate tectonics and earthquakes: what are the two historical figures and the process of mantle convection and plate movement.I understand that the whole continent moves but what is plate tectonics and the historical figures that contributed to the plate technonic theory and ho...

HSM 270 human services
Thank you Sue, this is what I needed.

HSM 270 human services
Describe the general attributes of a grant proposal.

how do fossils help in determining the relative age of strata?

HSM 270 human services
What does quantitative research and quantitative evaluation have to do with human services and why?

Discuss the advantage and disadvantage of a qualitative and quantitative evaluation for domestic violence agency.

All I would like to know is what web sites would I find anything about this subject. That is all I would like to know.There is no need to be smart about it. I think I ask this when I wrote this the first time. I can and am willing to write my own paper, all I ask is some web s...

Scientists debate about the use of fossils as a tool to determine records of various events, such as the vanishing of the dinosaurs or the origin of our ancestors. Based on what you know of fossils from your textbook and other sources, discuss the role of fossils in helping sc...

HSM 270
Identify three considerations that should be part of the program and proposal preplanning process of grant proposal writing.

human services-HSM270
Identify three considerations that should be part of the program and proposal preplanning process of grant proposal writing. Sorry if I did not explain clearly.

human services
Human services department, we are to write about the three considerations that would be apart of the program and proposal preplanning process of a grant proposal?

human services
Identify three considerations that should be part of the program and proposal prelanning process of grant posposal writing that is 100 to 200 words.

Genologic time: what is absolute dating/nurmerial age? describe this method and how it is used to evaluate genologic time?

adult education
I need to identify technical and political aspects of program planning and evaluation that you might encounter in the program scenario you chose, and explain how these aspects could affect your planning and evaluation process. My scenario is this: PEACE's Domestic violence...

human resources
what are the differences between program planning and grant proposals, how do they relate to each other.

human resources
what are the differences between program planning and grant proposals, how do they relate to each other.

About the acre woods retirement community case study.... What are some potetial legal and ethical issues present in this case study? How would you charactorize the director's behavior? were the director's messages congruent with the organization's stated mission? e...

The size of the amplified DNA fragment generated during PCR is determined by: many cycles are performed. b. the size of the template c. the location to which the primers anneal. d. how much Taq is used. I believe the answer is c but have had some difficulty finding this ...

The diploid character of eukaryotic cells may mask the appearance of mutation since: A. this may be a frame shift B. the mutation is often reversible C. the mutation may be palindromic D. the matching chromosome may carry the dominant gene. Please help. Thank you.

x^2-3y^2=13 x-2y=1 solve for x and y show all your work

This one is hard to answer without showing you a picture but here goes. The line from the top of the 10m pole to the base of the 70m pole is the hypotenuse of a right triangle. Dropping a vertical line from the point of intersection forms a second triangle on the end that is s...

1. y = -1 is a horizontal line and intercepts the y axis at (0,-1). Because it is horizontal it does not intercept the x-axis. 2. X = -1 is a vertical line that intercepts the x axis at (-1,0). Because it is vertical it does not have a y-intercept

Algebra II
The range is the y values that result from using the x values from the domain. Since one of the x values is -3, substitute this in the equation. f(-3) = 3(-3) - 5 = -9 - 5 = -14. -14 is the first number in the range. Do the same for the other two numbers.

From the information below, identify element X. a. The wavelength of the radio waves sent by an FM station broadcasting at 97.1 MHz is 30.0 million (3.00 X lo7) times greater than the wavelength corresponding to the energy difference between a particular excited state of the h...

I have 16 numbers: 3,5,10,11,15,20,8,11,9,10,10,12,13,14, 15,10. These numbers have to be arranged in a 4 by 4 (horizontally and vertically) where each row equals 44. Please Help! Jumping rope can burn 600 calories per hour. write and solve an inequality to find the number of ...

Making a job table
job table that spans to three weeks

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