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Suppose we draw semicircles on the sides of a triangle and compute their areas. If the sum of the areas of two of the semicircles equals the area of the third, is the triangle a right triangle? Yes. (pi/2)(a^2 + b^2) = (pi/2) c^2 if and only if a^2 + b^2 = c^2, and that requir...

How can we use geometry as a means of understanding basic operations?

The following are the first four terms of a sequence: a, a (1/b),a(1/b(1/b),a(1/b)(1/b)(1/b) where a is a positive integer. Is the eight term positive or negative? explain So the sequence could be seen as {a/b^(n-1): n=1,2,3...} I hope you can see that the sign of each term wi...

Find the following product. (.11111)(12)(9)(.44444)(235) I don't undrstand the difficulty here. Take the statement: (.11111)(12)(9)(.44444)(235) put a * between each term like this (.11111)*(12)*(9)*(.44444)*(235) Now put this into the Google search window and see what you...

Define "multiplication of natural (counting) numbers." For the naturals, multiplication could be viewed as a kind of repeated addition. This would be the only set this is true for. With negative numbers, decimals or fractions we would need a different definition.

If we multiply "a" and "b",when will: a. the product be larger than both "a" and "b"? b. the Product be less than "a"? c. the product be less than "b"? d. the product be less than"a" and "b"? e. th...

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