August 1, 2014

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i appreciate someone can help me this solving problems god will always be with u to give good health and wealth as well questions below thanks a lot.... i. A business man bought her wife a Mudrah spa kit on credit. He also bought her 18yr old daughter a Lipgloss (958php) and t...

hope that someone can help me to solve this solving problems below.... Discounts : a. for the total discounts that the following customers can avail and the Net price for that they have to pay. 2. Today is the 35th Anniversary sale of Mudrah House of Beauty. The store offers d...

please help to get the answer for this word problem and it would be my great gratitude and the question below.. Alex has 50 ping pong balls that he bought in sets of 6. How many sets of balls does Alex have?( Hint: express answer as a mixed number)

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