July 29, 2014

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Hello Reiny,The one i found is log(W) = 0.8*h + 0.4 now i wounder which is correct.

Yes Reiny i know the Ehrenberg's equation it is ln W = ln 2.4 + 1.84h. It is finding the derivatives to find the rate of change for the child i am having a problem with

The Ehrenberg equation gives the relationship between the weight W (in kilograms) and the height h (in meters) of a child between the ages of 5 and 13 years old. a. Research to find the Ehrenberg equation. b. Find the relationship of a child of the height that you choose. If m...


Firstly you find the strain energy in the spring: Mgh=strain energy M: 60 kg G: 10 m/s^2 H: 20 m Strain energy: 60*10*20= 12000 Because you have to ignore air resistance, you just subtract the kinetic energy from the strain energy to find the energy stored in the rope K.E = 0....

what is whole/part logic according to Socrates, and how does it differ from whole/moment logic? I'm not sure if it is about that the whole needs parts or if the moment needs parts. Im confused. If you can help thanks.

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