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What are some of the risk areas that can be identified through the auditing process?

Why did Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services(CMS) implement National Correct Coding Initiative 1996?

What is the importance of Blue Cross and Blue Sheild plans in the evolution of health care coverage

Compare points-of-service (POS) plans with maintenance organization(HMO) plans

A={3,4,5,6,7,8,9} B={4,6,8,10} C={8,9,10,11} find the indicated set if A¿B and AUBUC

Social Studies
What are some examples of past governments in Egypt?

Medicare and Medicaid financial issues put constraints on? physician services? critical care centers public health outpatients services phsician services

Which health insurance program is designed to complement the retirement survivor, and disability insurance enacted under Title ll of the social secuity act? Medicare? Medicaid-Civilian health and Medical program-Vet Admin

medical coding and billing
You need to posy your wed sites where you found your answers. Make sure you do because you will be marked down on tit if you do not

Health Information
It is A I am taking the same class u are

have a tx liability of 6420 and owe additional amounting to 235. I am entitled to one tax credit of 374 and another credit 563. If my employer with holds 260 every 2 weeks from my pay. How do I figure this out if I would receive a refund or I will owe a refund and how much

What am I doing wrong? I have followed formula and still my answer is wrong Brenda bought a swimming pooll obtaining an 8 % add on interest installment loan from the bank. The pool cost 2,400, and the bank requires 15% down and qual monthy payments for two years. How much is B...

Find the mode of the following list price- 1.67-1.29-.79-1.29-.89-.89-.79-1.67-.79-.57-.79 would my answer be .79

Math Algebra check
That is correct

american government
if a teachers union wants its opinion to be heard in a case being considered by the supreme court on the issue of school prayer, but the union is not a formal party to the lwqsuit, it should file a/an writ of certiorari judicial pettion amicus curiae brief concurring opinion

You should round off if they ask u too

a is-81 b is-81 c is 2.738613

Find the mode of the following list price: 1.67,1.29,0.79,1.29,0.89,0.89,0.79,1.67,0.79,0.57, and 0.79 Can someone show mw how to do this please?

If the cost of a retailer's merchandise are rising, is this a trues statment? Using FIFO will lower taxes

A company's bank inventory is confirmed by? Is this correct- a physical count

The method used to calulate depreciation for federal tax purposes is the ? Is it the declining balance method

If a famlies total living expenses are 63,000 a year. After the death of the insured, the total family income would be 55,000. How much life insurance is required to cover the dependents icome shortfall, if prevailing interest rate 4%. I am not sure that the answer I came up w...

What is your problem. I asked a question not for the answer? How do I figure the problem out.

amusement park purchased equipment from a manufactures for a list price of 42,000 minus trade discounts of 30//20/15. Calulate the amount of the trade discount on the purchase. Help so lost

round the number 43,678.426785 to the nearest ten thousands? 40,000 is this correct

Invoice that list the date of the payment and the cash discount is called? terms?

Help subtract 7 4/5 from 18 6/15 Can someone show me how to do this please


i am and see fl-southeast: Me- Northeast: Ca- West and ND-, what makes only 1 diff and the rest the same?

which one is different from the others and why? Florida, Maine, California and North Dakota

Health Care
Dr. Bob's computerized records are damaged by power surge. I am saying that Dr. Bob is at fault unless he had proper surge protection devices in place. My friend is saying that the record custodian, but not Dr. Bob wil be liable. HELP

health confidentiality
Sally lives with her Mother. She wants a HIV test but is afraid her Mother or her employer will somehow learn of the results, especially if they have to be reported to health officials. What should Sally do? Would it be fair to say that Sally demand that the doctor sign an agr...

Confidentiality Health Care
The newspaper phone rehab clinic and asks if Sally is a patient and what is her status? Would it be true to state regulations prohit divulging patient specific information

Legal Aspects of health Information
I am researching for a paper I have to write for school. I need to use medical Web sites. Having a hard time. One of my questions? Should corrections be date- and time-stamped?

Health Information
Mary, We must be taking the same class, Where id you find your information on correction of date and stamp

Find the decimal equivalent of the mixed number 11 1/4

ETH 125
I live in Kingwood, WV and need help with this paper which is due on Sept 13th 2008. Prepare a 1,400- to 1,750-word autobiographical research paper that analyzes the influences of race as it relates to your community. In your paper, write your first-person account of how human...

Hope this helps Cutaneous (skin) – consists of keratinized stratified squamous epithelium attached to a thick layer of dense irregular connective tissue (dermis); is a dry membrane The effect of cellular pathology and keratinization of skin and nasal cells upon binding of...

Anatomy & Physiology
Does the direction of blood flow through blood vessels in this order? Left atruim,left ventricle,pulmonary artery,pulmonary veins,

Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy & Physiology
You eat a cracker that's entirely made of carbohydrates. Describe in sequential order how your body digests the cracker. begin at the mouth and end at the liver

Anatomy & Physiology
A person with increased intracranial pressure is given the diuretic mannitol to decrease the pressure. What effect will mannitol have on kidney function? A. Completely stop urine output B. Increase urine output C. Decrease urine output D. Decrease dilution of solute in the uri...

Anatomy & Physiology
WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING DIGESTIVE FUNCTIONS CAN OCCUR IN THE MOUTH? A. Enzymatic action on protein B. Absorption of water C. Enzymatic action on carbohydrates D. Secretion of bile

Anatomy & Physiology
When comparing the daily requirements for vitamins and minerals across all life stage groups, it can be said that A. infants require more vitamin C than children B. lactating woman require ore folate than pregnate woman C. more iron is required by teen males compared with teen...

Anatomy & Physiology
A woman who had measles as a child gets the disease again after her younger brother contracts the disease. This probably occure because od a defect in which mechanism? A.viral mutation B. Artificial acquired immunity C. Natural acquired immunity D. Passive immunity

Anatomy& Physiology
When discuusing the role of lipids in the human body,it can be said that. Lipids are stored in the liver. Is this correct?

Body structures & Functions
Thanks the site helped me out. thanks again for your help drwls

Body structures & Functions
Blood gains which of the following when it passes through the liver. a. Carbon dioxide b. glucose lactic acid oxygen

Using the data in situation a of Exercise 11-6, prepare the employer’s September 30 journal entries to record (1) salary expense and its related payroll liabilities for this employee and (2) the employer’s payroll taxes expense and its related liabilities. The employ...

Managerial Economics- need help
Basic Estimating – Week 2 A security analyst specializing in the stocks of the motion picture industry the relation between the number of movie theater tickets sold in December and the annual level of earnings in the motion picture industry. Time-series data for the last ...

You just started a summer intership with the successful management consulting firm of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. You first day on the job was a busy one, as the following problems were presented to you. FastQ Company, a specialist in printing, has established 500 convenience-copy...

psychology and ramona
MY QUESTION after you read the story:: Do you agree/concur with Ramona's friends that Ramona should not be bent out of shape because the clerk could not see what she looked like due to the fact she was standing behind the partition and all he could see was her neck and fac...

peggy and tania - psychology
psychology class associated with a therapy group

peggy and tania - psychology
MY QUESTION: DO YOU AGREE WITH WHAT I TOLD PEGGY?. PEGGY AND TANIA STORY: QUESTION after you read the story: Did I give the right answer? STORY: Peggy was out sick for two days in a row with food poisoning. When Peggy came back to work she met Tania by the ladies room Tania: &...

yvette and marie
actually you are wrong

yvette and marie
Read carefully. Read what Yvette says as the final answer before you give your answer. MY :QUESTION: CAN MARIE ACCEPT THE FACT THAT YVETTE DOES NOT THINK MARIE GAINED WEIGHT? READ CAREFULLY. No funny answers and no answers about Yvette is covering her tracks. My Question: (1) ...

two friends
This conversation took place at a local drugstore between Alicia (a customer) and Francine (who works in the store). Keep in mind that Alicia and Francine never really talk to another when Alicia comes into the store FIRST CONVERSATION TOOK PLACE ON MAY 1, 2008 Francine: “...

psychology and charlene
MY QUESTION after you read the story: Do you agree/concur with what I told Charlene ? Charlene (who is very thin) went to a coffee shop for lunch and a girl who is there was eating lunch with her brother. The girl saw Charlene eating a bagel and cream cheese and said; You shou...

eng 111
I submitted my answers to my questions can you check them and tell me if I got any right. /thank you

Eng 111
1. Send the spoken mwssage (that you intend) by using a speaking voice.=adjectibe clause 2. You may transmit different (messages) with the same words.==adjectibe 3. Your emotions may affect (how listeners receive your message),==adverb clause 4. A positive tone (projects) a po...

Eng 111
I need help identifying how the word is in wach sentence. I have to tell it it is an adjectibe, adverb conjunction, noun pronoun, adfective clause, adverb clause, noun clause, gerind phrase, infinitive clause, participial phrase, Please help me with the words in parenthesis. 1...

In this sentence "All of the reports except one were completed." I know that the subject is all but what is the word except in this sentence? Is it a predicate noun adjective I am having a hard time deciding.

social studies
i'm looking for 1st grade activities on the topic of rights and responsibilities

IPC 8th grade
a motor does 5,000 joules of work in 20 seconds. What is the power of the motor.

f(t)=sqrtt^2+1 f(-9)=sqrt-0^2+1

The The speed of a passenger train is 12 mph faster then the speed of a freight train. The passenger train travels 270 miles in the same time it takes the freight train to travel 210 miles. Find the speed of each train.

i'm french can u help me about english??
b for sure

The base of triangle is 4cmgreater then the height, the area is 48cm squared. Find the height and the length of the base.

What is the chemical make up of the sand at Dockweiler Beach, California and Napoopoo beach, Hawaii?

If Steven rock climbs every 5 days and bikes every 3 days. If he runs and swims today how many days will pass until he runs and swims again on the same day?

I'm having trouble with this word unscrambled...GRR! >:( "veeytittina!"

How do I set this up to work it? The length of a rectangle is 1 cm longer than its width. If the diagnol of the rectangle is 4cm, what are the dimensions of the rectangle?

Is street a place or a thing?

I am a teacher and we did an observational activity in which we placed salt and food coloring on a big piece of ice. We observed it using a flashlight for awhile. Afterwards when we turned the lights on the salt with RED food coloring had a beautiful green glow. I have searche...

2a+11=a+5 _____ 3 help 2a+11/3=a+5 is that the question? if it is 2a+11/3=a+5/1, then you cross multiply 3(a+5)=2a+11, distribute the 3, which equals 3a+5=2a+11 so now solve for a , bring them to one side, a=-4

What is the next letter in this riddle? o t t f f s s _ _ It's "e"..... One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Then comes "e" for eight and "n" for nine. Hope this helps. :)

Social Studies
how many war planes created in 1943 This site should give you the information you need.

how do you divide the following words (attachment and ugliness)? I found these at at·tach·ment ug·li·ness

Which is the correct comparative or superlative adverb? Kate's team made free throws more frequently of most frequently than the other team. When comparing her with one other person (so that two people are being compared), use the -er word or the word "more" with...

Which is the correct comparative or superlative adverb? Of all Kate's fans, her family cheers more loudly or most loudly at games. When comparing her with one other person (so that two people are being compared), use the -er word or the word "more" with the adjec...

Which is the correct comparative or superlative adverb? Of the two basketball teams, Kate's team played harder or hardest? When comparing her with one other person (so that two people are being compared), use the -er word. When comparing her with two or more other people (...

Using Comparative or superlative adverbs which is correct grammar? Of all players, Kate moved the ball down the floor faster or fastest? When comparing her with one other person (so that two people are being compared), use the -er word. When comparing her with two or more oth...

I have a beak like a bird, and my arms are like snakes. I have more ink than a pen, But I write to confuse. What am I?

Terry High School
5,3x-7=2x+1 Please never put personal identifying data in your post, like the address, or full name, or the name of your high school. The world is a dangerous place. Please discuss this with your mom. I can tell what you mean by 5,3x What are you trying to do, solve for x?

simplify- 3+2+7=7+2+3 4(2+1)=4(2)+4(1) (2+3)+6=2+(3+6) Huh? Simplify... 3+2+7=12 4(2+1)=12 (2+3)+6=11

Need help on this Study Problem. Chevy's Manufacturing has fixed costs (e.g. depreciation) of $40,000 which can be directly attributable to producing a particular product. the product sells for $2 a unit and variable costs are $1.20. What is the break-even point in units? ...

I need to identify the author's purpose in writing a book, it is a fiction book called "Dear Dumb Diary" by Jim Benton. After reading the book, ask yourself what you think he was trying to prove and to whom. =)

I have to write a one page persuasion letter to a congress person. I would like to write it about the issues surrounding DD. Debbie.... I don't know what topic "DD" is, so I can't help you specifically. However this site is super in giving you a step by step ...

social studies
Can you unscramble ecuminrof girnwit ___________ writing =) Hi my name is carley ragan and i need help with my social studies homework right now please help me right away thanks, Carley Ragan

orientalism of muslim and arab american
Thanks to everyone that is so kind to take the time to help others!! I too am an UOP student! YEAH GO UOP!! Thanks again for all your help.

okay i hear everyone discussing the eth class about how you measure prejudice and yall said some pages in chapter two, but i think i have a different book, what is the title on your book

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