July 23, 2014

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You are conducting experiments with your x-ray diffractometer. (a) A specimen of molybdenum is exposed to a beam of monochromatic x-rays of wavelength set by the Kα line of silver. Calculate the value of the smallest Bragg angle, θhkl, at which you can expect to obse...

A formation energy of 1.11 eV is required to create a vacancy in a particular metal. At 777oC there is one vacancy for every 22,200 atoms. At what temperature will there be one vacancy for every 11,100 atoms? Update: Express your answer in Celsius.

Chemical analysis of a silicon crystal reveals gallium at a level of 3.091×10−8 atomic percent. Assuming that the concentration of thermally excited charge carriers from the Si matrix is negligible, what is the density of free charge carriers (free carriers/cm3) in ...

You wish to increase the carbon content of a slab of steel by exposing it to a carburizing atmosphere at elevated temperature. The carbon concentration in the steel before carburization is 165.0 ppm and is initially uniform through the thickness of the steel. The atmosphere of...

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