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can you plz explain 693 = 9x7x11 so we would need multipliers of 7 and 11 to yield a perfect square so 693x7x11 = 9x49x121 Thanks
July 27, 2008

solve for x. 1.25x^2=13 2.2(x-5)^2=3
March 21, 2008

Write your answer with only positive exponents. y^5y^10
February 17, 2008

Scientists debate about the use of fossils as a tool to determine records of various events, such as the vanishing of the dinosaurs or the origin of our ancestors.discuss the role of fossils in helping scientists develop accurate records of the geologic history of the Earth.
February 14, 2008

I don't know how to find the GCF if the variables are different. For example, 48a^3 and 16b^5.
February 8, 2008

math right triangle
the hypotenuse of a right triangle is 1 inch longer than one leg and 8 inches longer than the other. Find the length of each side of the triangle. Let l1, l2 be the legs. l1^2 + l2^2 = h^2 but h= l1+1 and h= l2 + 8 solve these for l1, l2, put them in the first equation and ...
December 5, 2006

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