March 29, 2017

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Perform the operation for each equation, if there is a solution (Matrices) [4k -8y ] [5k+6y 2k+1] [6z - 3x] - [2z+5x z+4] [2k + 5a] [4k+6a 3a+2]
December 1, 2010

Find the matrix product, if possible: [6 0 -4 ] ]1] [1 2 5 ] [2] [10 -1 3 ] [0]
November 26, 2010

Both are derived from an inadequate functioning of the parathyroid gland. Tetany is usually due to 'hypocalcemic' issues related to the parathyroid's inability to regulate calcium in the vascular system.
July 2, 2010

An antacid tablet weighing 1.462 grams was dissolbed in 25mL of 0.8M HCl and diluted with water. The excess HCl was titrated with 3.5 mL of 1.019M NaOH solution. 1. Calculate the number of millimoles added to the tablet 2. Calculate the number of millimoles of NaOH required to...
July 1, 2010

Why didn’t more whistleblowers come forward, and why didn’t some make significant difference? How would whistleblowers have been encouraged?in enron case.
September 20, 2009

Did Enron’s directors understand how profits were being made in this segment? Why and why not?
September 20, 2009

Hello! I am a student from Romania and I am writting a paper on School Social Work. The information about the low SES is extremely useful to me. Can somebody please give me the title of the book where I can find it? This is very much appreciated, for the progress of Science in...
May 31, 2009

what is the main purpose of fruit pruduction by a plant
January 4, 2009

Differentiate e^(2x^3+x) X tan(x^2) tan e^x / ln(x^6/2-3x+3e) cos(tan(e^4x^2))
March 30, 2008

Find the second derivative of y=loge(logex) Show that y=loge(logex) is a solution of the equation xd^2y/dx^2 + x(dy/dx)^2 + dy/dx=o
March 30, 2008

find the derivative of the function y=x^x Hence fin the coordinates of the turning point of the funcion y-x^x. Give the values correct to two decimal places
March 30, 2008

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