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The probability that a positive divisor of 60 is greater than 9 can be written as a/b, where a and b are coprime positive integers. What is the value of a+b?

Ariel makes a sandwich using four kinds of Italian lunch meat: A, B, C and D and two kinds of Italian cheese: X and Z. Ariel's sandwich has a single layer of each type of meat and a single layer of each kind of cheese, but he also wants to make sure that the two types of c...

determine the secon termof an A.P whose sixth term is 12 and eighth term is 22?

chemistry 12
2Li^++2I^-==>2Li+I2 would 2I^- be oxidised and 2Li be reduced reaction?

chemistry 12
use the standard potential reduction potentials table to balance the following redox equation: H2O2+I-+H+==>H2O+I2 would what i did be correct H2H2+I^-+H^+==>H2O+I2 H2H2+H^+==>H2O And I^-==>I2 Give us H2H2(aq)+2H^+(aq)+2e-==>2H2O(l) And 2I^-(aq) ==> I2(s)+2e-...

math grade 11

How many conformations does monosodium glutamate (MSG) have and why?

electrical physics
In Hydrogen atom , if an electron jump from n2 level into n1 level . Prove that the wave number (reciprocal of wave length) of emitted radiation is : 1/λ=me4 /8ε02h3c (1/n22 -1/n12)

What is the electrons velocity that made its momentum equal to the momentum of photon whose wave length 5200A?

I can't understand why a ball bounces many time before coming to a rest

how do you evaluate (3/4)*-3

Grammatical Corrections in my Essay...?
The mysterious statue One day one guy named Chad he buys a garden a really big garden and he built a cemetery it was the most famous cemetery in all America!! It was really clean, preatty, with so many roses that the entire garden smells to roses they have water fountains tha...

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