March 24, 2017

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March 14, 2017

let A be defined as the set of all two digit integers that are more than 20 and let P be defined as the set of all prime numbers .how many numbers are there that belong to both these sets? 1.13 2.17 3.21 4.25 explain the ans please
July 17, 2016

MATH Please help!
A right triangle has an area of 13^2. The dimensions of the triangle are increased by a scale factor of three. What is the area of the new triangle? a. 39^2 b. 169^2 c. 117^2 d. 142^2 i think the answer is A but i am not sure! any help is appreciated
December 23, 2015

A uniform meter stick of mass 40 g is used to suspend three objects: 15 g at 0.02 m, 40 g at 0.36 m and 35 g at 0.6 m. Where could you place your finger to balance the stick in the horizontal position?
December 9, 2015

Show that C is an integer C=16*25-32*75/64*6*16 16(25-2*3*25)/16*6*64 25(1-6)/6*64 -125/384 -0.3255208 Which is a decimal and not an integer. Please help.
September 19, 2015

How did you get 25?
August 7, 2015

What is the best measure to describe the total variability in a population or sample?
March 11, 2015

Psych 42 (Stats)
A comprehensive study of juvenile delinquency is conducted in every state-run reform school in Canada. A scale called the Antisocial Beliefs Scale is given to all juvenile delinquents. The mean (μ) of the scale is 71 and the standard deviation (σ) is 5. Assuming that...
February 23, 2015

Assume that the mean hourly cost to operate a commercial airplane follows the normal distribution with a mean of $2,325 per hour and a standard deviation of $240. What is the operating cost for the lowest 5 percent of the airplanes?
October 9, 2014

help to solve problem Many ways one can order the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet
June 12, 2014

A country seen its population grow each year than 1/8 it was last year. At that time the population will have doubled and tripled
June 10, 2014

Help please A bottle containing 10 liters of alcohol one liter of alcohol is removed and replaced with water. After a liter of the mixture was removed and replaced with water, the operation being carried out 7 times in total. Then that amount of alcohol remains in the container.
June 10, 2014

The arithmetic mean of two numbers is 9 and their geometric mean is 3√5. Find these numbers
June 10, 2014

Find the reason for the geometric progression in which a1 = 1, n = 3, S3 = 157
June 10, 2014

The probability that a positive divisor of 60 is greater than 9 can be written as a/b, where a and b are coprime positive integers. What is the value of a+b?
May 15, 2013

Ariel makes a sandwich using four kinds of Italian lunch meat: A, B, C and D and two kinds of Italian cheese: X and Z. Ariel's sandwich has a single layer of each type of meat and a single layer of each kind of cheese, but he also wants to make sure that the two types of ...
May 15, 2013

determine the secon termof an A.P whose sixth term is 12 and eighth term is 22?
February 9, 2013

chemistry 12
2Li^++2I^-==>2Li+I2 would 2I^- be oxidised and 2Li be reduced reaction?
July 24, 2012

chemistry 12
use the standard potential reduction potentials table to balance the following redox equation: H2O2+I-+H+==>H2O+I2 would what i did be correct H2H2+I^-+H^+==>H2O+I2 H2H2+H^+==>H2O And I^-==>I2 Give us H2H2(aq)+2H^+(aq)+2e-==>2H2O(l) And 2I^-(aq) ==> I2(s)+2e...
July 24, 2012

math grade 11
April 28, 2012

How many conformations does monosodium glutamate (MSG) have and why?
April 9, 2012

electrical physics
In Hydrogen atom , if an electron jump from n2 level into n1 level . Prove that the wave number (reciprocal of wave length) of emitted radiation is : 1/λ=me4 /8ε02h3c (1/n22 -1/n12)
January 24, 2012

What is the electrons velocity that made its momentum equal to the momentum of photon whose wave length 5200A?
December 28, 2011

I can't understand why a ball bounces many time before coming to a rest
October 5, 2011

how do you evaluate (3/4)*-3
January 14, 2008

Grammatical Corrections in my Essay...?
The mysterious statue One day one guy named Chad he buys a garden a really big garden and he built a cemetery it was the most famous cemetery in all America!! It was really clean, preatty, with so many roses that the entire garden smells to roses they have water fountains ...
November 10, 2006

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