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Is a gelatin dessert a solution, a suspension or a colloid? I think it is a suspension. Thanks you. The ingredients of gelatin are completely soluble in water and the end product is clear and transparent. It is a solution, in my opinion.

chemistry...weird question
on heatin, 0.02mol of the element M reacts with 0.025mol of oxygen gas. What is the empirical formula of the oxide of M? The mole ratio is .025/.02=1.25 or 5/4 So the O2 has a ratio of 5 to one Metal. M4 (O2)5= M>sub>4O10 or writing it in lowest whole numbers M2O5 why...

Describe other measurements sociologists use to calculate prejudice. Look at the post by melody below. Same question.

what steps can be taken by rwanda to reduce degradetion and deforestation (Broken Link Removed) I dont know what you mean by degradetion, but deforestation, the way to reduce it is to control the forests: who is there, who does what, and when. I frankly doubt if Rwanda has the...

Please help me! I need the title of a book thats subject is based on ignorance and another on choice or making a decision. Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird will fit both criteria in certain ways. A more recent book along similar lines is Grisham's A Time to Kill. Oth...

Life is full of choices, so I must learn to make good ones. What is your question about this sentence? More on identifying verbs? If so, there are three of them. Tell us what you think, and we'll give you feedback. ?? Cynthia, that is an excellent idea, but we don't se...

I am looking for all VERBS both "Action" and "Be" verbs identified in the sentence. In 1999, I went to Disney World for vacation. There is one verb in that sentence. Which word do you think it is? ??

Using the following information, identify the strong electrolyte whose general formula is Mx(A)y * zH2O Ignore the effect of interionic attractions in the solution. a. A"-is a common oxyanion. When 30.0 mg of the anhydrous sodium salt containing this oxyanion (Na,,A, wher...


physical science
i have 25 examination quesions i need answered. can you help me? We can help you with some of them if you post them individually and show your own work or thoughts. We don't do exams for you here.

Can someone please help me with this? I don't know how to simplify this. 7m^7n^4/8m divided by 9m^2n^9/5n^2 Put all your m's together,all your n's togehter and then it will continue getting simplified!hopE THAT HELPS! is this correct? 16m^9n^13/40mn^2

What's the slop of the line whose equation is 8y = 7 - 2y? the slope would be zero. if you add '2y' to the other side, then your equation will be 10y=7. If you divide 10 on both sides, the new equation will be y=7/10. That will be a straight line, so the slope will...

What's the slop of the line whose equation is 87 = 7 - 2y? This is similar to the other one where i posted. You subtract 7 from both sides so the equation will be 80= -2y. Then divide both sides by -2, and the equation will be y=-40. This is a straight line so the slope is...

what are some antonyms for pallor For synonyms and antonyms for all words, try these websites: www.thesaurus.com www.dictionary.com www.yourdictionary.com www.onelook.com www.answers.com =)

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