November 27, 2015

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Calculate the amount concentration of the cations in the following solutions: A) 0.5 mol/L sodium carbonate B) 0.2 mol/L ammonium sulfite C) 1.5 mol/L iron 3 sulfate
January 8, 2015

Cadmium telluride (CdTe) is a semiconductor witha band gap, Eg, of 1.45 eV. Calculate the value of the absorption edge of this material. Express your answer in meters.
December 16, 2012

A 300 g piano is being lifted at a steady speed from the ground level straight upward to an apartment 15 m above the ground. The crane that is doing the lifting produces a steady power of 500 watts. How much time does it take to lift the piano?
February 2, 2012

what force is necessary to stop a 20 g bullet moving at 200 m/s as it penetrates a wood at a distance of 4 m?
February 2, 2012

Hurry! Run A (meteor/meterorite) has just hit the beach.
May 18, 2010

Hurry! Run A (meteor/meterorite) has just hit the beach.
May 18, 2010

thanks alot! :) all answers are correct:)))
December 10, 2009

college algebra
4x^2 + 11x
March 22, 2009

college - phonetics
how do you transcribe the "th" sound in "SLP language"?
October 5, 2008

Describe a contact force and a noncontact force that affect the motion of a baseball after a pithcher has thrown the ball.
May 26, 2008

Can you name four type of erosion that may be out side in a park or in your backyard?
January 12, 2008

mathh (unit rate)
hey everyone! i dont know the answer but i just feel like typing.... haha... hehehe...hahahahahahah....having lots of fun
August 22, 2006

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