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MATH Fractions
thank you very much. I appreciate it :)

MATH Fractions
Thank you very much Damon :) can you explain how you got 9/3 for third grade

MATH Fractions
Can someone help? Jeff rode his bike around the bije trail that was 1/3 of a mile long. he rode around the trail 9 times. right a fraction grader than 1 for the distance. how many miles did jeff ride?

Two particles with charges +8e and -8e are initially very far apart (effectively an infinite distance apart). They are then fixed at positions that are 7.07 x 10-12 m apart. What is EPEfinal - EPEinitial, which is the change in the electric potential energy?

Perform the indicated operation (8t^2-4+2)-(5t^2-5t+7)

aig math
one number form 75 is 100


find dy/dx 1. y=(lnx)^3 2. y=x^4lnx 3. y=sin^3(lnx)

Acrostic poem for Alabama

I don't understand why some verbes pronominaux use s'y instead of se. What is the function of the y? And how does it change the meaning?

If a swimming pool that has a diameter of 40 feet and a height of 5 feet can be filled in 50 minutes, how long will it take to fill a pool that has a diameter of 36 feet and a height of 6 feet?

3rd grade
écrire une expression égale à 2000 en utilisant une seul fois chacun des nombres 1;2;3;4;5

human resources

ryan left the science museum and drove south gabriel left three hours later driving 42mph faster in s effort to catch up. after 2 hours gabriel finally caught up. find ryans speed

9 divided by 6/7 .. i have no idea how you do this so please help!

9th Algebra
O and btw im in 8H buhh its high skool work so yahh Earth Sci all that good stuff Corinne Moore

9th Algebra
what is 10 to the second power in standard form? Please answer by the end of today. Please and Thank You Corinne Moore

Perform the indicated operations and simplify (2x - 6) (x + 1) - (x - 7)^2

I am trying to complete one of those charts, where you find an element, its proton number, its electron number, it's charge, and whether it's an ion or an atom, based on looking at the Periodic Table. I get how it works, sort of, like for Lithium, you look at the numbe...

Choosing High School Courses
I want to major in something English or History related, probably Secondary Education, International Studies, or Journalism. I am currently enrolled in chemistry and I am doing horribly. Would colleges rather see me take chemistry and get a bad grade, or would they prefer me t...

a man throws a rock horizontally off a building with an initial velocity of 22.4 m/s. it hits the ground 91.6 m from the building. how tall is the building? (positive value)

you are standing in a hole that is 8.53m deep. you shoot an arrow with a veloctiy of 34 m/s at an angle of 33 degrees. how far from you will the arrow hit the ground?

a football place kicker kicks the ball with a velocity of 18.2 m/s at an angle of 53 degrees. how far from the kicker will the football hit the ground?

A math question needs answering
what is the total of 99 cents plus 7.25% tax?

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