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for the second one it's F) 1.33

the density of water is 1gm/ml. what is the molarity of 1 drop of water?

500ml of a 1M solution of NaCl contains how many (Na+) ions. Can you show me how to get it

How many grams of NaCl are neeeded to make 100ml of a 2M solution of NaCl

What is the molarity of a solution containing 40 grams of NaOH in 100 ml of soution

Hi. I have a question. Would it be: Les eleves portent des jeans, des tshirts, et des baskets. Or Les eleves portent un jean, un tshirt, et des baskets. In other words, if the subject is plural, should all of the clothing items be plural? Or only dual items like socks and shoe...

The main difference is the types of rehabilitaion avaiable today compared to the early era of rehabilitation in prisons is; there are more educational forms of rehabilitaiton classes like, GED, AA, Drug rehab, mental help, parenting programs, and job trade schooling. In the ol...

"What is the biomedical approach as well as the psychodynamic, humanistic-existential, behavior, and cognitive approaches to psychotherapy. How do they work with and explain four essential characteristics:" AxiaCollege, UOP PSY210 Class) 1. Systematic interaction bet...

A standard doorway measures 6ft 8inches by 3ft. What is the largest dimension that will fit through without bending?

I have to rationalize the denominator of 2+3i/1+2i. I multiplyed this expression by 1-2i/1-2i, resulting in 2+4i+3i+-6i^2/1+-2i+2i+-4i^2. It then became 2+2i+3i+6/1-1+2i+3. Is this right? Thanks!

I had to solve 2x^2-x-1 using the quad. formula. I got it down to (1 +/- the square root of neg. 8) divided by four. I broke the sq. of neg. 8 into the sq. root of 4 and the sq. root of -2. But my question is could it also be the sq. root of -4 and the sq. root of two? Is one ...

Solve x^2-10x+22=0 by using the quadratic formula. After I substituted in the values for A, B, and C, and broke it down I got 10 plus or minus 2 times the square root of three/2. How do you break this down further? I know ten can be divided by 2 to get five, and 2/2 is 1, but ...

x^2+6x=7 i factored it so it's (x+7)(x-1)=0. The answers I got were 7 and 1. Is this correct? Thanks!

(5x-4)e^(-2x) How do you find the critical point I dont understand how to take the derivative of e^ to a negative?

I was given a chemistry worksheet that said the following Solutions mixed at the BLANK level Colloids Mixed at the BLANK level Suspensions mixed at the BLANK level What do you suppose the blanks could be? Thank you.

what phase are homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures? Thank you

emma draws this diagram. She says it shows part of a regular polygon. Explain how you can tell that Emma must have made a mistake (it is a 158 degree angle)

The diagram shows part of a regular polygon. work out how many sides the polygon has. (it is 156 degrees).

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