March 29, 2017

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Chemistry Lab
A student who is performing this experiment pours an 8.50mL sample of saturated borax solution into a 10mL graduated cylinder after the borax has cooled to a certain temperature, T. The student rinses the sample into a small beaker using distilled water, and then titrates the ...
March 13, 2013

Chemistry Lab
Hi, I'm doing a lab with acid-base indicators and I'm utterly confused. The lab procedure goes like this: 1) Make your own indicator. 2) set up 12 test tubes and pout a little pH solution into tube. 3) add 4 drops of indicator into each test tube. 4) Estimate the ...
February 27, 2013

A quiz had some 3-point and some 4-point questions. A perfect score was 100 points. Find out how many questions were of each type if there were a total of 31 questions on the quiz I have no clue how to start this.
December 5, 2012

^ this made no sense at all
May 9, 2012

wait I found M to be Pb, but I don't know what to do next.
April 11, 2012

how do find the pH of beaker 1 after the addition of the 20 mL
February 12, 2012

So, if the X suppose to be HCH2O?
February 12, 2012

I'm sorry if this is irrevalent for this site, however, I couldn't find an active advice site. As I'm about to be graduating high school, I've been worried about my future. As long as I remember, I have wanted to be a doctor. But I'm wondering if I have ...
February 1, 2007

rate law expressions
could anyone tell me a good website that teaches how to find rate law expressions? thank you!! I hope this helps. It will get you started, anyway.
January 30, 2007

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