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a uniquw type of baskettball is played on the planet zarth. During the game a plyer flies above the basket and drops the ball in from a height of 10m. IF the ball takes 5.0 s to fall find the acceleration due to gravity on zarth.

At six flags great adventure amusment park in new jersy, a popular ride known as "free fall" carries passangers up to a height of 33.5 m and drops them to the ground inside a small cage. How fast are the passengers going at the bottom of this eshilirating journey?

what is g?

In order to open the clam it catches, a segull will drop the clam repeastedly onto a hard surface from high in the air untill the shell cracks. If a segull flies to a height of 25 m, how long will the clam take to fall?

It is now 10:29a.m, but when the bell rings at 10:30a.m. Suzete will be late for french class for the third time this week. She must get from one side of the school to the other by hurring down three different hallways. She runs down the first hallway, a distance of 35.0m at a...

A torpedo fired from a submerged submarine is propelled through the water with a speed of 20.00 m/s and explodes upon impact with a target 2000.0m away. If the sound of the impact is heard 101.4s after the torpedo was fired, what is the speed of sound in water? (becuz the torp...

vivian is walking to the hairdresser's at 1.3 m/s when she glances at her watch and relizes that she is going to be late for her appointment. Vivian gradually quikens her pace at a rate of 0.090 m/s2(squared) What is vivians speed after 10.0s? At this rate is Vivian walkin...

while driving his sports car at 20.0 m/s down a four-lane highway, eddie comes up behind a slow-moving dump truck and decides to pass it in the left lane. If eddie can accelerate at 5.00 m/s2) (squared) how long will it take for him to reach a speed of 30.0 m/s? i know its Vfi...

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