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For Mass-Balance eqzns, in my text it is described as "relating the equillibrium concentrations of various species in a solution to one another and to the analytical concentrations of the various solutes. Is the analytical concentration described, the molar concentration...
July 15, 2007

Situation: KMnO4 solution left in buret for awhile...would it be okay to go and titrate with the same solution left in the buret later? And if solution is discarded and refilled later wouldn't the solution go and react with the light thus contaminating the new solution? ...
July 14, 2007

I have to write a abstract for my paper I was wondering if it was better to write it at the beginning or the end of the lab report. If I was to eliminate 1 value as an outlier would I go and include that in calculations of the RSD? I would assume not since It would affect the ...
July 12, 2007

science (chem& statistics)
For a wine titration my results obtained were... 0.6402%, 0.5814%,& 0.6006% the I calculated was 0.04936 according to my text sometimes the # is expressed in ppt or 100% first which would be correct if asked to submit a RSD for the results of a lab like this and 2nd what would...
July 10, 2007

science (chem)
Does EDTA react with light? I forgot to cover a dilute bottle of EDTA (about 0.01M) and was wondering if that would have any affect on the solution I don't think so. I have used EDTA many times and never covered it or used a tinted container. okay =) i posted an answer to ...
July 2, 2007

I need help with an assignment. I am asked to have someone fill out this worksheet. Can anyone Please help? Appendix D United States-Centric Views Comparison Consider this question: What are an average American’s perceptions about Muslim/Arab American and Christian ...
June 30, 2007

science (chem)
In general when instructions are to let a solution cool to room temp would it be incorrect to put the bottle containing the solution into a cold water bath so it could cool faster? Would it affect the solution in an adverse way? or does it depend on what you are cooling? ...
June 27, 2007

science (chem)
what is the chemical eqzn of Na2CO3 + HClO4? Na2CO3 + HClO4 ==> NaClO4 + H2O + CO2 I will leave it for you to balance. how did you get that DrBob The rule on carbonates is: An acid added to a carbonate yields carbon dioxide, water, and a salt. oooh so you had to know that ...
June 24, 2007

science (chem)
For the preparation and standardization of NaOH with KHP im supposed to boil water for 1hr and 30 min to remove CO2....the problem is that if I don't boil it for that long and (30 min) b/c of not enough time but I put the water I boiled for 1/2 hr aproximately into a NaOH ...
June 22, 2007

science (chemistry)
I have to do this lab where I titrate Na2CO3 with HCl dilute solution but i had to add Methyl orange indicator to the solution and im not sure what the endpoint is supposed to be colored, is it supposed to be orange or pink?? im confused and just how orange is it supposed to ...
June 21, 2007

Can anyone please read over my assignment and let me know if there are any grammar or spelling errors? CheckPoint: Modern Challenges in Immigration o Should United States government policy favor certain kinds of immigrants? o Should [citizenship] preference be given to the ...
June 15, 2007

Hello, I need help with this case please: All Star Cards and Bubble Gum Cards recently formed a New Company “Baseball Trading Cards” in order to combine their respective wholly-owned baseball trading card business. In connection with the formation of Baseball Trading...
June 1, 2007

i need to write a question poem with 10 lines and that asks a lot of questions i have no ideas please help! Pick a theme, then the questions, then put them in verse. Example: Theme Love questions.. What is how it began where will it lead how will it end and so on... the verse...
May 14, 2007

the cost of 6oz. of chicken is $2.00. how much would it cost for 1.5lbs. of chicken ? (16oz=1lb.) 2 simple ways: 1. if 6 oz cost 2.00 then 1 oz costs 2.00/6 = .3333. and then 16 oz cost 16(.3333..) =5.33 2. by ratios 2.00/6 = x/16 cross multiply and solve for x you will get ...
April 23, 2007

i need to know if you can change frothed into a verb, adjective, or adverb. and if it can have any prefixes or suffixes. Please help thanks! See my response below. Dictionary definitions will also include part(s) of speech. =) Frothed is a verb. Frothing can be an adjective (...
April 19, 2007

i need three more sentences using frothed please help!!! thanks so much it means to bubble or foam. i figured out some sentences but now i need to know if you can change it into a verb, adjective, or adverb. and if it can have any prefixes or suffixes.
April 19, 2007

The speed of a runner increased steadily during the first three seconds of a race. Her speed at half-second intervals is given in the table. Find a lower estimate for the distance that she traveled during these three seconds. t(s) 0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 v(ft/s) 0 3 6.6 9.9 ...
April 14, 2007

what does waylaid mean?
April 11, 2007

Can anyone help me with my c++ program? Its a program I have to write using structs and arrays and i'm stuck. If anyone can help can you post back and I'll show you what i've got and maybe you can tell me why its not working correctly. Thanks I can try. I have not ...
April 4, 2007

i need help writing a "i am" metaphor poem. The format is 10 lines of I am metaphors and the 11th line is what you are like i am annoying or i am blonde or something. PLease help it is due tomorrow! Someone here will be happy to give you feedback on what you write. ...
April 2, 2007

A buffer is prepared by mixing 110. mL of 0.442 M HCl and 0.545 L of 0.400 M sodium acetate. How many grams of KOH must be added to 0.500 L of the buffer to change the pH by 0.10 units? The pH I have calculated to be 5.28. What do I to figure this out? I have a problem with ...
April 2, 2007

The Crucible (ACT TWO)
1.eight days
March 24, 2007

Hey people! i really need some help here. im doing an assignment and i need info (sites) i need to no umm the average humidity, UV index, daylight, wind, storms, cyclones and any other things. please. oh, and i need it on townsville. so if anyone could find a site, and tell me...
March 13, 2007

algebra check please
March 12, 2007

Why was the u.s neutral at the beginning of world war I? =)
March 12, 2007 plz...
Can you define speed, motion, constant speed and average speed? And can you get me there formulas? Example-Distance over speed THANKS MUCH! <333 constant speed is zero acceleration. speed is change of distance/change time Average speed= distance/time motion is the changing ...
March 4, 2007

when can the plant start to make its own food? A plant always makes its own food. Ever since it existed it made its own food through photosynthesis. The leaves take in the sunlight and form it into food. It also releases oxygen.
February 27, 2007

SCIENCE!!! help plz.... :-]
What is litum paper made of? If you cant find anything can you try to find some websites for me? THANKS A LOT!! 8-] litmus paper traditionally is a good grade (cotton) paper, with an extract of vegetable dye from the Litmus plant.
February 5, 2007

What is the formula for an oxide of fluorine? F2O2 also written as O2F2
December 7, 2006

A 640 N student stands on a bathroom scale in an elebator. As the elevator starts moving, the scale reads 800 N. a) find the acceleration of the elevator (magnitude and direction) b) acceleration if the scale reads 450N? c) If the scale reads 0 should the student worry? ...
November 16, 2006

A light rope is attached to a block with a mass of 6 kg that rests on a horizontal, frictionless surface. THe horizontal rope passes over a frictionless, massless pulley, and a block of mass m is suspended from the other end. When the blocks are released, the tension in the ...
November 16, 2006

Do orchestral musician learn each work just before it is performed and have only a little amount of time to practice? I believe that this is not true. Is this right? Not true.
November 7, 2006

the 2-digit # that is divisible by both the sum and the product of its digits. i got 24 and 30, but would 30 count? in other words, is it ok that 30 is divisible by 0, the product of its digits? 30 isn't divisible by zero. Any number divided by zero is indeterminate so we ...
October 25, 2006

one of four #s where n! has n digits.
October 25, 2006

the largest integer that is not the sum of 2 or more different primes.
October 25, 2006

a # that is neither prime nor the sum of two distinct primes. are you doing that month of math thing?
October 25, 2006

one of two numbers that can be both the area and perimeter of a triangle whose side lengths are a Pythagorean triple.
October 25, 2006

the number of furlongs in a league. apparantly there are 8 furlongs in a mile, i learned this just today on my ride home form school. I hope this helps. go to and type in 1 furlong to league and hit search. The answer will pop up at you. thanks again for your ...
October 25, 2006

the smallest non-palidronic number whose square is a palindrome.
October 25, 2006

the maximum number of pieces into which a pizza can be cut by making 6 cuts. Answer is from 1-31. The formula calculating the maximum pieces cut from a circle is: c*(c+1)/2 + 1, where c is the number of cuts. See math,hws,edu/~mitchell/Math135F05/Day18,pdf dots instead of ...
October 25, 2006

the smallest number of people in a room where the probability of two of them having the same birthday is at least 50 percent. Answer is between 1 and 31. This is a classic problem given in probability classes. There are plenty of sites which will give and explain the answer, ...
October 25, 2006

the radius of a circle when the numeric values of the circumference and area are equal. circumference = 2*pi*r area = pi*r^2 Set them equal and solve for r. thanks! i understand it now! 2*3.14*r=3.14*r^2 6.28*r=3.14*r^2 r=3.14 Is that right? It doesn't seem to be. 2*3.14*r...
October 25, 2006

Yes. An elements number of neutrons and electrons can change, but its number of protons will not vary. Therefore, the atoms of the same element do have the same number of protons.
October 23, 2006

Which wife is more virtuous to her husband Desdemona or Emilia in the play Othello? Please use examples from the play to describe each womans interaction with her husband and each woman's reaction to her husband. I think you will be able to find the answer at either of ...
October 21, 2006

An airplane is being floen at 1500km/h at 100m above level ground. The ground began to rise up at 10 degrees. How much time does the pilot have to madke correction such that the plane doesn't hit the ground? the part where the ground is rised to 10 degrees confuses me. You...
September 19, 2006

A particle has a velocity of 18m/s at a certain time and 2.4s later is velocity is 30m/s in the opposite direction. What are the magnitude and direction of the particle's acceleration during the 2.4s interval? I udes a=change in velocity /change in time and I got -20m/s^2 ...
September 19, 2006

Stoichiometry problem
I can't figure out what to do after this problem : what mass of SO2 is produced from the reaction between 31.5 g of S8 and 8.65g of O2? I have figured out the balanced equation but do I pick one of the givens and solve it straight out?
September 9, 2006

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