March 28, 2015

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Do these reagents fit with the substance being testd for? First is Biuret reagent protein Second is BACL^2 starch Third is AgNO^3 chloride ion Final is albustix protein. I can help with two of these. BaCl2 is used to test for sulfates, not starch. AgNO3 is used to test for the...
October 9, 2006

meiosis in humans
Does it occur during the development of the zygote, repair of tissue, development or sperm, or a combination of the above? Chloe Of your multiple choices please read the following site page and I think the answer will be evident: http://...
October 6, 2006

physical education/sport
explain the view that physical education is a process of educating the whole person Chloe, this is just my opinion, but it is supported by both physiology and psychology. Just as a brain needs age and experience to mature to its potential, the body needs the same thing. Think ...
September 27, 2006

Social Studies
I have to find the definition of a "locator" and draw it. I am studing maps. The other definitions I had to draw were: Cardinal and Intermediate directions and oceans. Locator is the last one. I am totally stumped i have no clue
September 14, 2006

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