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explain how you will find the coordinate of P(14pi/3) if you knew the coordinate of P(pi/3)

Which metal,Pd or Pt has the lowest specific heat?Explain why, using the law of Dulong and Petit.

food engineeirng
i intend to take the course of food engineering.may i noe tat is food engineering more suitable to bio or physics students?

One commercial method used to peel potatoes is to soak them in a solution of NaOH for a short time, remove them from the NaOH, and spray off the peel. The concentration of NaOH is normally in the range of 3 to 6 M. The NaOH is analyzed periodically. In one such analysis, 45.7 ...

all it have is to simplify

workout 3 over y subtract 2 over y-2

3/y - 2/y-2

12oo students attend a school the ratio of teachers to students is 1 : 30 . How many teacher

Maribel how did u got this -189=12a+3b ------------ -84=-7a 12=a

A stadium have to section a & B . tickets for section A cost $A each . tickets for section B cost $B each . johanna paid $105 for 5 section A and 3 section B. raiyah paid $63 for 4 section A and 1 section B . i) Write two eguations ii) Calculate the value of A and B

What could be the effects of carbonate error on the calculated values for the standardization and the sample analysis? What could be the requirements for a compund to be able to undergo double indicator titration? IF the standardization AND sample analysis is done with the sam...

1. Why cannot NaOH be used as primary standard for HCl? 2. Aside from carbonates, what other compounds can be analyzed using the double indicator method? What are the requirements for a sample to be analyzed using the double indicator method? 3. what is a carbonate error? Expl...

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