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are the lines through each points parallel or perpendicular. (2,4) (-1,-1) (8,0) (11,5) solve

How many terms are in the following polynomial?
it is sorry

How many terms are in the following polynomial?
YES! #1Student

How many terms are in the following polynomial?
oops I chose c. Is this correct??

How many terms are in the following polynomial?
6x^4+3x3-2x^2+15x-14 a. 5 b. 4 c. 3 d. 2

Name the coefficients in the polynomial 4x^2+3x-3 a. 4, -3, -3 b. 4, 3 c. 4, 3, 3 d. -4, -3 I choose d Check it pleaase!

In angiosperms, pollen grains are A. diploid and are made when haploid gametes join in fertilization B. diploid and are made when haploid gametophytes join in pollination C. Haploid and are made when haploid spores undergo mitosis D. haploid and are made when haploid ovules un...

The trial balance of Bair Company includes the following balance sheet accounts. Identify the accounts that require adjustment. For each account that requires adjustment, indicate (a) the type of adjusting entry (prepaid expenses, unearned revenues, accrued revenues, and accru...

need help with reseach process and terminology paper

what is the area of the region enclosed by the graphs of y=2- lx-3l and y= x^2-2x?

expand and simplify (x-4)^3


the statement "ten more than seven times a number x"

if x =3 then 5 - 2x = 20 - 7x is this true or false

communication arts
can you please help me make my thesis statement? My topic is domestic violence on children. I can't think of a good thesis statement

Algebra 1a
translate 25% of 118,250 into an expression.

First write the value that makes the denominator zero then solve the equation x-8/2x+5=x+6/x

Organic Chem
hello I was wondering how can I Convert the following Fischer projection to perspective formula Fischer Projection img371.imageshack .us/i/fischer.jpg/

ss world history
What kinds of government system was established in Ethiopia after Italian imperialism

9th grade
What led to Germany's decision to sign the armistice

could you edit my speech and check it over please? Have you ever read the book “The little engine that could”? It kept saying I-think-I-can I-think-I-can. And guess what? He ended up doing it. Just believe in yourself, and anything can happen. Good morning teachers a...

actually, my speech is almost complete, i just needed a few more ideas for the ending.

thank you SraJMcGin your answer really helped me.

sorry can u just help me with my question??

ummmmmmm thats a bit creepy cuz were not

thank you. im just having a rough time with geography, im only in gr 6. I just get stressed.

i think land use changes because they need land for different reasons. plz help me, im not sure!

why does land use change?

Math: Direct Variation
what are the formulas that illustrates direct blinear variation ?? please help me !! i can't find any formula !! .. humpf .. :(

Which city has the highest population in the northeast region?

Critical Thinking
Posting assignments from University of Phoenix or Axia College on a public web site without permission from copyright owner is a violation of copyright laws. Also, cheating is totally unacceptable.

Religious Education
Is God real? Which is the true religion? For many people around the world, God is very real. The true religion is the one that a person whole-heartedly believes and faithfully follows. Hi Cherry. Considering this is a homework question, most Religious Education classes center ...

can anyone help me at all. I have several of these for homework for tomorrow. Solve for n 2n =4xp - 6 WHOA! Where did "p" come from? That is a part of the problem? Divide each term by 2 to get n = 2xp -3

Math: Direct Variation
k=5/4x is already an answer !! :)

Math: Direct Variation
correct !! nice explanation !! :)

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