August 30, 2015

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Social Studies
>Blockade of Berlin >Operation of the Berlin Airlift >Organization of the Warsaw Pact >Construction of the Berlin Wall These events of the cold war are examples of 1. efforts to prevent military conflict between the superpowers 2. situations that increased tensions...
April 18, 2007

Physics - electricity
An incandescent lamp is marked '120v,75W' a)what is the current in the lamp under normal condition of operation? b)How much does it cost per hour to operate the lamp if the price of electrical energy is $6.00 per unit? Please stop posting under different names. Use ...
April 17, 2007

Plz help Physics-bobpursley
Bob, please confirm if I got this right and if not, please help to solve 1)A wire has a resistance of 10 ohm at 20 deg celsius and 13.1 ohm at 100 deg celsius. Obtain a value for its temperature coefficient of resistance. ans I got is this= using Rt = Ro (1 + alpha(T-To)) 13.1...
April 17, 2007

Please can you help out: 1)The Potential diff across the terminals of a battery is 8.5v when there is a current of 3amps in the cct from the -ve to the +ve terminal. When the current is 2amps in the reverse direction, the potential diff becomes 11volts. a) what is the internal...
April 17, 2007

Maths-Vectors Help!
Please can you help me as I have just been introduced to your Help Forum: Determine whether the vectors u, v and w given below are linearly independent or dependent where u, v and w are non-colliner vectors such that u=2a-3b+c , v=3a-5b+2c and w=4a-5b+c. thanks. Use exactly ...
April 16, 2007

qualities of persuasive business messages
January 15, 2007

the big idea of energy
help me with the big energy thing with mg
December 5, 2006

October 10, 2006

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