March 31, 2015

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The annual interest rate for a customer’s loan of $425 is 15.75%. What is the total dollar amount to be repaid on the loan, including principle and interest, for the entire year?
December 27, 2012

structural engineering
Fig P9 shows a drawbridge being rasied by a cable EI. The structure is a loaded truss consisting of a pinned assembly of members(links) joined at their ends designed to from a rigid structure. The four joint loadings shown result from the weight of the roadway. Calculate the ...
November 17, 2012

a circle, with a diameter 48 cm is cut into 12 equal sectors. a square, with a side length 41cm, is cut into 16 equal squares. wich has the greatesst area? how much greater is it
September 19, 2011

thank you for the answer. Godbless
February 7, 2011

The IQ of 100 college students in XYZ univ are found to be normally distributed where mean is 105 and standard deviation is 8. If the student IQ score is 90, what is the probability that another student randomly slected has an IQ score of below 90.
February 6, 2011

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