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Java Programming
Write a program that asks the users to enter five test scores into an array

Douglass includes a lot of maxims in his Narrative. What is the effect of these? They make his autobiography less believable because some of them are not true. He reveals many of the values of the people during the time in which he lived. They demonstrate that slaves were hig...

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I'm sorry that was the wrong problem is actually (5^4 * 5^7)/5^8

actually it says by using the laws of exponents?

simplify (5x^2-3x-8)??

Write a program that asks for and reads the price of a book (it may have a decimal part), multiplies it by 7% sales tax and displays both the sales tax and final price of the book on the screen.

liberal arts math 1
Five hundred raffle tickets were sold for $2 each. A prize of $400 is to be awarded. If you buy one ticket, determine the expected value. What is the fair price for a ticket?

discrete math
"a club with 20 members must choose a three-person committee and a five-person committee. how many ways can the two committees be chosen if the committees can overlap? how many ways can the two committees be chosen if the committees cannot overlap?".


5/48=0.104 0.104*100=10.4%

proponents of the peak oil theory claim that worldwide production of petroleum will soon reach a maximum and start to decline. (there is considerable debate about how soon this will occur) let P(t)= the world's rate of petroleum production t years after 2000. let T be the ...

a cake is put into an oven to bake. the temp, H, of the cake (F) is a function of how long it has been in the over, t (min). thus, H=f(t) What does f'(t) represent? is f'(t) positive or negative? is f"(t) positive or negative?

as i drive to the city, let f(t) be the total distance i have traveled t hours after starting my trip. i left my house and began my trip at exactly 12 noon. just a fraction of a second before 2 pm, i cam across a construction zone, and so i hit the brakes. What is the sign of ...

Find the pattern 31,28,31,30,---,30,31,---,30,31,30,31

What is the freezing point of a solution of 5grams of CaCO3 and 10ml of H20?

Would 3/8 as a percent be 37.5%?

how do i write a net ionic equation for Lead (II) Nitrate and Sodium Carbonate react to form Lead Carbonate and Sodium Nitrate??

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