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fill blanks give values of cin terms of pi if r=7m then d=?and c=?

Word Problems
Joe has $19 more than Erin, Shelly has twice as much as Erin; Colin has $6 less than Erin has. In total, the students have $68. How much money does each separate student have?

English 3
Why did Ratcliffe replace the original president?


if 24 of the 26 students passed a test what percent of the students passed the test

Using what you learned about science in your coursework thus far, discuss: 1. Why you think scientists probably want to leave what they do open to revision. 2. What are the hard-and-fast rules of science? Are there any? 3. With so few firm rules, how does science avoid becomin...

Do some research into why the United States has been so slow to adopt metric measurements. What problems does this cause for the United States? What benefits might it bring the United States? How might you resolve the gap between the United States' measurement system and t...

A satellite orbits at an average altitude of h = 423 km. How long does it need to complete one full orbit? Use REarth = 6370 km and mEarth = 5.98 x 10^24 kg

8th grade math
It means the opposite of what is inside the parentheses

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