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Fuente ovejuna play
Hello, I need to do a short essay on Esteban and his social standings in Fuente Ovejuna. I know I need to put how he protects his daughter, but what else, thanks
September 11, 2008

spanish play Fuente Ovejuna
Hello, for act one I can't find the answer to how does the battle at Ciudad Real end? Would it be how Fernan Gomez destroyed it. thanks
September 9, 2008

Hello, I have the characters for the play that I need, I know you all were helpful with giving me some websites, but how would I do a search as to for the characters I have and to what they did to inspire the story in the play. thanks
September 5, 2008

Hello, For the play fuente Ovejuna I have to answer this question Which Characters in the play are based on real historic figures? For my answers I put Fernan Gomez, Queen Isabella, King Ferndinand, and Rodrigo Tellez Giroza. Is this correct? thanks
September 5, 2008

spanish my answers
Sorry for the play Fuente Ovejuna, I had problems with this play
September 5, 2008

spanish my answers
Hello, could you please check this to see if I am on the right track for the question, Which characters in the playare based on real historic persons? I answered Fernan Gomez de guzman, King ferdinand of Aragan, Princess isabbella, Prince Ferdidnand II of Aragon, and Rogridue ...
September 5, 2008

In fuente ovejuna which characters are based on real historic people? I am having problems with this play, thanks
September 4, 2008

Hello, I need to know if I have the right answers to these questions. 2x-y=3 question is which of the following points lie on the line. is the answer 0,3 (-1,1) (2, 1) (-3, 1) (-3, ) or (1, 2) I chose the answer (-3, 1) is that right, second question: If x+7andY+2 then x-3y= ...
September 2, 2008

I need ideas on how to design an experiment whether having sex education classes makes it more likely that a person will use contraception.
August 29, 2008

How different is spanish golden theater from classical theater>
August 27, 2008

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