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work=force*distance = 10*g*.5*2*1.5min*60sec/min

energy= 1/2 k x^2 but F=kx or x= F/k=20/50 m= .4m energy= 1/2 (50)(.4^2) joules

velocity=d distance/dtime= d/dt (a t^2-Bt^3) velocity=2A*t -3Bt^2 a) average= (v(2.04)-v(o))/2.04 where v(2.04)= 2A*2.04-3B*2.04^2 where A, B are given.

do coulombs law, add. For each force, location determines the direction of force. so draw a diagram first.

the horizontal force is 400cos30 vertical force=400Sin30 net apparent weight=70g-400sin30 acceleration=nethorizonalforce/mass = (400cos30-mu(70g-400sin30)/70

3/5 S+200=S

Physical pharmacy laboratory
PV=nRT solve for n, use R with the right units (liter, K, mmHg(torr)) Temps in Kelvins.

business law 311
height. parents occupation. Parents marital status. Number of spouses. SAT scores.

English/ Help Sentence A is correct usage.

English/ Help
B is correct

English/ Help A.

1/3 B + 2 +1/2(B-1/3 B -2)+2=B solve forB voluem=LxWXh (in feet) volume=18x3x4/12= ?

1. speed=distance/time=354/(16:30-09:50) speed=354/(6hrs 40min)=354/(6.66)= total oil used=7*200+200=1600 gal water heating total=200(12/5)=480gal fraction= (480/1600)= looks like e to me

science, physics
E=kQ1/d1 + kQ2/d2 d1=3.7-1.1 d2=3.7-2.7

f(x)=0=2(x+5)^3 +7 (x+5)^3=-7/2 x+5= -cubroot(7/2) x=-5-cubroot(7/2) Those are the zeroes, but I dont see in the problem wording it asked for a zero


convering, depends on the units you want. c=q/deltaT=100kj/11.3 C= 8.85kJ/C and c= 8850J/C you have to specify units, and both answers are correct.

So, consider just one face of the cubes, they have to be glued. If the smaller is put smack dab, consider that the standard surface area. The exposed surface area on that glued face only is exposed=9-4=5 But what if the dont overlap exactly, one hangs over the side of the othe...

in binary, it is 10 in trinary, it is 2

Math Problem Solving
I am not yet certain of the pattern, Frankly, I would have expected one hexagon takes 6 two hexagon takes 11 three take 16 and n would take 6+(n-1)5 10 hexagons would take 51

f'(x)=1/3 (x)^-2/3 f (1)=1^1/3=1 f (8) = 2 so, the point c must be such that f'(c)= (f(8)-f(1))/(8-1)=(2-1)/7=1/7 but f'(c)=1/3 (c)^-2/3 and f'(c)=1/7 so 1/7=1/3(c^-2/3) 3/7=c^-2/3 take each side to the 3/2 power c^2/3=7/3 c= cube root (7/3)^2 = 1.76 so, the co...

B=bundles 1/3 B+2+1/2(B-1/3 B-2)+1+1=B check that.

physical sciences
net force when falling= zero velocity at water hit: 1/2 m v^2=mg*50 v= sqrt(100g) time to stop in water is rather complicated, unless you assume the acceleration is constant at hitting until stopping (a ridiculous assumption), and that force is constant (another ridiculous ass...

angle= aredistance/radius angle in radians=9cm/10.2cm= 9/10.2 radians

and is there a question here?

Pharmacy Calculations
PO bid means by mouth twice a day. volume= 10days*2times/day*.75tsp/time*5ml/tsp = 10*2*.75*5= ..... ml

Is there a question here/

orig ratio: 2.5 final ratio 20 so you want to dilute it 20/2.5=8 times which means you need one part original, and 7 parts water. one part=300ml/8=you do it. 7 parts= 300ml*7/8

centripetal force=magnetic force mv^2/r=qvB 1/2 mv^2=rqvB/2 solve for v, you are given KE 1/2 mv^2, r, q, B now knowing v, solve for mass mass=2*KE/v

1. diffraction 2. 1/2 3. antinodal? 4. ?

Isn't this something you can look up?

draw the diagram, put the large mass on the right. Now write a force equation near the pulley, clockwise direction positive. m2*g-m1*g=totalmass*a=(m1+m2)*a solve for acceleration, that is the accelerlation of each mass in the clockwise direction (one goes up, one goes down in...

The sum of the vertical forces = weight 500=Bsin60 + A sin30 The sume of the horzontal forces is zero. Acos30-Bcos60=0 (notice sign, opposite directions) you have two equations, and it will solve.

Muslims believe that the Quran was verbally revealed from God to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel (Jibril), gradually over a period of approximately 23 years, beginning on 22 December 609 CE,[3] when Muhammad was 40, and concluding in 632 CE, the year of his death.[1][4][5] ...

General Education
C is the correct answer.

College math
I would like to point out a basic misunderstanding your teacher has with falling down. The rock is falling the instant is thrown upwards, that is why is slows down until the max height. Satellites in earth orbit, albeit at constant altitude, are constantly falling, otherwise, ...

College math
Hf=0=400+64t-16t^2 use the quadratic equation a=-16, b=64, c=400 Now how high? Lets do some Gedunken. if we find the time it takes for the rock to leave the tower, and return to the same altitute it started from 400=400+64t-16t^2 or 0=t(64-16t) the solutions are t=0, and t=4 s...

I bet they mix to give a mean temperature of 30C. That way, just as much heat is absorbed as given off.

chemistry clearly step by step
Step by step. The first sentence. Weird. It says you have one M solution. Lets figure that. 1M=masspresent/(volume*molmass) 1M*molmass:*1Liter=mass 1*342.15gram=mass or mass/cc=.342 g/cc So why does it then state 2.684g/cc ? Nuts to this problem, your teacher is not thinking. ...

chemistry step by step clearly
hard water? Do you mean has dissolved calcium carbonate? Then why would one add lime, lime is the source of hardness. I have no idea what this problem statement means

mathematics important very important
1/4 P + 1/3 P + 2/5 P + 3=P solve for P

algebra 2
Put y =2 in the original equation on each side, and see if each side equals the other side.

a. gravitational energy=heatinwater, assuming the dropping mass did not gain velocity. b. masscopper*cc*deltaT+masspaddle*c*deltaT+masswater*cw*deltaTemp=total energy in

Hmmm. Is there a question here?

The sum of the forces=zero 3N+4W+ ? =0 ?force= -3N-4W magnitude= sqrt(9+16) direction SE, draw the triangle, find the angle.

Singer has stated that many people judge him based on secondhand summaries and short quotations taken out of context, not his books or articles, The choices given here for the "right" answer are secondhand summaries taken out of context. Given that objection, the sec...

I have no idea how these are hooked up. Is a mass on each side of the pulley?

Ka = (1.2589*10^-6)^2/(.1-1.2589E-6) was your error, so you can approximate this with (1.2589*10^-6)^2/(.1 ) = = 1.58 e-11


If I had a clue what the z in the answers meant... I am a little wondering how the mean can be 2.9, and the standard deviation be 3. That is somewhat like saying the mean exam score was 83, and the standard deviation was 494.

time in air: hf=hi+Vi*SinTheta*timeinair-4.9 timinair^2 solving for time in air, time in air=Vi*sinTheta/4.9 For max distance, theta=45 degrees max distance=Vi*cosTheta*timeinair. time in air= 80/VicosTheta set these two time in air equal Vi*sinTheta/4.9= 80/VicosTheta Solve f...

What is 3sin^2(x)*cosx + cos(x^3)*3x^2 if one has cos^n (u^P) the derivative is d/dx (sin^n (z)) where z=u^P then = n cos^(n-1)(z)*-sin(z)*dz/dx and dz/dx will be p*u^(p-1) du/dx and du/dx is depends on what u s. the point is chain the derivative.

Math 221

Heat=mass*HeatFusion look up the heat of fusion for water at 0C in calories/gram (I recommend you memorize that one).

If most effective means "cost efficient', then answer C is probably the most cost effective. A will work, but millions have to be tested, and that takes time, and $$$

I agree.

thanks. I think I have it. Go ahead with short stories, or essays. Thoreau's Walden is a classic.

"Texts"? the two you mentioned are totally fiction...You are writing about a sociology theme based on fiction? You might as well add Orwell's Animal Farm, and then Superman (roots on the other planet). , or maybe Thoreau's Walden. (roots on the other planet)....

Is there a question here?

I dont know which is the x, or y component. But you do know the momentum off original axis adds to one ball component off oxis is equal and opposite to the the other ball. I think that is what you mean by v1'sintheta1=v2'sintheta2. If that is so, then you hav...

us history
It depends on what you mean dominant? Dominant to whom? and secondly, is is possible there is a myth about what he did (he did raise taxes. He did secretly intervene in Hondourous. He did trade weapons with hostile regimes.) Have we forgotten about his lack of clear mental abi...

If you cant see the road ahead, you cant see dark objects (parked cars, people), and you can't see if a car is coming, which side of the road it is on (drunks drive on wrong side often).

It seems to me that d is the best answer. E is a good answer if the road is has blind curves, as my rural road here in Texas does...most of our collisions on it are cars too fast, and can't see around the bend what is coming.

consider a) fixed ends, or b) non fixed ends a. fixed ends. two nodes, lambda is 2Y three nodes, lambda is Y four nodes, not possible c. five nodes, lambda is Y/2 so if X nodes (over two)lambda=(n-1)Y b. One end not fixed (loose) one node: Not determinable two nodes, lambda is...

Net? Is this a triangular right prism?

Draw a number line. How far is it from -20 to 90?

what heat the alumin gives off has to be equal to the heat the water gained, No you have an issue here, putting the hot aluminum into dwater, some of the water will vaporize, but if you configure the container so that no heat is lost, that steam will recondense and the heat (a...

blood flow to vital tissues (ie,O2 content) does not get to tissues in time/quantity to support cell functions.

area=s^2 s=sqrt(area)=sqrt(19500)

home economics
Hmmmm. This is a pretty broad question. I suspect they are providing salaries to their employees, I am pretty certain on that.

I bet the the series near zero does this...3, 1,-1, -3 Now use your sum series to find the first term if the twentth term is 3.

Heat=mass*Heatfusion + mass*specificheatcapacity*50

let hi be top of mine shaft position of lift= -10t position of stone=30t-4.9(t-4)^2 set these equal, solve for t. then, solve for lift final postion at t.

either use a table, a statistical calculator, or here: 27 percent?

position when it hits 50m/s: vf^2=vi^2+2ad 50^2=10^2+2*a*d solve for a*d. Now, the reverse trip: vf^2=50^2 -2ad put the above in, and viola, vf^2=50^2-50^2+10^2=10^2 vf=10 Think that out in your mind.

life orientation
Is this a question? death, still births, disease, mental incapication, abnormal birth defects, breathing and lung disease.

us history
There were a lot of protest movements. Many of them merged into a conglomeration of one: anti vietnam war And, there are several variations of the "american dream", and I wonder what you are asking. Sometimes dreams are Hallucinations. Servral during that time that w...

Work Ethic
It is not easy to answer this. a. Has this been a long time issue in learning and work? If so, I would consult a doctor first to isolate medical causes. b. For "normals", remove distractions: TV, music, telephone, text messages. c. form habits of breaking work in to ...

chemistry step by step thank a lot
Al2(SO4)3 +3BaCl2 >> 3BaSO4 (s) + 2AlCl3 first, figure out the number of moles per liter of aluminum sulfate there are in 2.684Kg. You will get three times that number of moles of BaSO4 (look at the balanced equation).

y=mx + b -3=5/8 (0)+b b=-3

three half lives? what is 5*1/2*1/2*1/2 ?


The scales should add to the weight of the two painters PLUS the weight of the staging. 740+Fright=140+500+520

It it unreasonable for gay individuals to live in a state of panic. Thesis? I am wondering if you have written your essay..thesis statement is what your essay developed points to prove.

a+b)^2 = a^2 + 2ab + b^2 (sqrt of 4x+1)+(sqrt of x+3)=2 4x+1 + 2 (sqrt (x+3)sqrt(4x+1)) + x+3=4 5x+4 +2 (sqrt (5x+4)=4 5x+2sqrt(5x+4)=0 5x=-2(sqrt(5x+4) square both sides 25x^2=4(5x+3) 25x^2-20x-12=0 (5x+2)(5x-6)=0 x=-12/5 or x=6/5 check that.

US Government
Delta Sigma Phi initiation party Hmmm. Maybe you mean Tea Party...

Assuming cleaning the floors only: Amount=rate*area=1/2 oz/ft^2 * 90*7 ft^2

The ^2 means squared. v^2 is velocity squared.

I bet your teacher wants answer iii. However, I also bet he has never heard E. Power Biggs recordings on a series of German organs, of various materials. yes, they sound different. See this:

fraction alcohol=(.16*250+.9*150)/(450+150+250)

Physics help
1. standard formula: B=mu*I/2PIr solve for I. 1. standard formula: B=mu*N*L

Define u=A.B=ABcosTheta the problem then is (1-u)/(1+u)=(1-u)^2/(1-u^2)

acceration1=v^2/r acceleration2=4v^2/2r=2acceleration1 So it looks like a/B=1/2

I can't do graphical here, but here is how. Draw a vector 6 m East. From the east end of that vecotor, go 8 North. Resulstan6t is from the origina to the final tip of the 8 N. It should be a length 10m

what is v^2/r?

physics (motion)
initial velocity is u

time in air: hf=hi+25sin38*t-4.9t^2 hf=hi=0 solve for time in air t nowHorizontal distance d=25cos*t solve for d . Is it greater than 60?

a. What is 12*44/molmasssugar b. mole )2= molessugar*12

High diddle diddle, The Cat and the Fiddle, The Cow jump'd over the Moon, The little dog laugh'd to see such Craft, And the Dish ran away with the Spoon.[1] Surely you can do as well.

Unit of sale is fifty dollars? What does that mean?

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