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How many gallons of water per minute can flow through a 15-ft pipeline under normal pressure?

i grew in a cave, but im not alive. i began as water and minerals, but now i am solid. i grow upwards, but in never see the sky.what am i?

whats the radius given?

Math- consecutive intigers
23.56643 i used a calculator :)

what were budda's teachings?

Prisilla performs a series of transformations on a figure in the plane. First she dilates it by a factor of 3 and translates it 5 units to the right. Next she reflects it over the x axis, then over the y axis. Finally she reflects it over the line y=x, translate it 5 units to ...

The perimeter of the polygon below is 9x-1. Find the expression for the missing side length. There are 5 expressions: 3x-4, x-5, x+1, 2x+3, and ?. I got ?=2x-6. I added all the equation and minus it from 9x-1.

They are vertical angles.

There are four angles, a,b,c,d. The measure of angle a is (3x+10) degrees. The measure of angle d is (x+10).What is the value of x? I made an equation 3x+10=x+10. I think the value is 0.

Prisilla performs a series of transformations on a figure in the plane. First she dilates it by a factor of 3 and translates it 5 units to the right. Next she reflects it over the x axis, then over the y axis. Finally she reflects it over the line y=x, translate it 5 units to ...

Environmental Science
i dont know

Trends in immigration will continue to shape the face of the United States. What will this face look like in the year 2050? How can the country best prepare for the changing race and ethnicity of its current and future citizens?


paraffin is a petroleum by-product. When burned- would you call the black stuff soot or carbon?

Candles are made from paraffin. Where does paraffin come from? What products are created from burning paraffin candles? How does the wick help the candle burn? Qualitative and quantitive observations?

Language Arts
Thank you

Language Arts
Do you think Frost is speculating his choice in the 4th stanza? Does he sigh because he was happy with his decision to take the road less traveled?

Language Arts
What is the figurative meaning of the roads diverging in Robert Frost"s poem "The Road not Taken"?


pre algebra
how to solve 5x+8=7x?????!!!

Science (Chemistry)
The total pressure in a flask containing air and ethanol at 25.7C is 878 mm Hg. The pressure of the air in the flask at 25.7C is 762 mm Hg. If the flask is immersed in a water bath at 45.0C, the total pressure is 980 mm Hg. The vapor pressure of ethanol at the new temperature ...

I need to make a formula showing that I added 100 to the 99th Triangular Number.. Anyone know how I can do that?

dock is to what as park is to garage?

I need help with making a formula..? This is what I put.. "The 100th Triangular Number is 5,050. I found this by adding 100 to the value of the 99th Triangular Number. The 99th Triangular Number is 4,950. The formula I used to find it is..." Help?

What is the formula to find the 99th Triangular Number?

i need help using subtraction while combining like terms, can you explain how its done?

they are moving all around


Algerbra 1B
Start paying attention in class and dont be afraid to ask the teacher a question it might sound stupid but your not the only one who dosent get it you know what i mean

Where did the 56 come from in part 3c

How can I explain how I figured out the 99th Triangular Number? I'd appreciate it if it is as simple as possible.

What is Sojourner Truth's attitude toward the Bible?

How can I end this? ____ The bridge I made a model of is the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The bridge is located at Sydney, Australia. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is the main way to cross the Sydney Harbor carrying rail, vehicular, and pedestrian traffic between Sydney Central District a...

mmmm yup

What is an example of a gas and solid solution

I need some ideas on a story about a Christmas tree... Any ideas?


physical science
we did a lab on how to separte solids and i cant remember how to do it, does anyone know what to do???

thanks. what kind of info should I put on there.

can someone please help me. i need an idea for a poster to support the Girondist cause during the french revolution

-796 kJ

what number gives the same result when multiplied by 6 as it does when 6 is added to it?

Thank you so so so so so much!

The two labels on the right are 50 meters and 60 degrees. I'm really sorry, but I don't understand what you were trying to say. Can you please clarify?

I meant add the 'o' in .c om but it wouldn't let me post a URL. Sorry for the confusion.

If you want to look at the drawing, you have to remove the space between h and t in and add the letter 'o'. Thanks again, it would really help me.

I have an incredibly tough problem that I need help solving. h ttp:// If you could take a look at that diagram and help me figure out the displacement relative to point A, after the person walked from point A to point B, that ...

at room temperature (about 20degree C) milk turms sour in about 64 hours. In a refrigerator at 3 degree C, milk can be stored for about three times as long before turning sour. Determine the approximate activation energy for the reaction that causes milk to sour and how long i...

Physics-Check my answers
Why are the tires for trucks carrying gasoline and other flammable fluids manufactured to conduct electricity?

Algebra 2
the answer is e if you have a graphing calculator you could put it in on that it helps for algebra

pigskin geography
name the teams that will travel to a ordering state to meet the competition?

French/ Latin




1. 4x^2-13x=12 I need to solve this problem by factoring or using the quadtratic formula. I am stuck when using the quadtratic formula method. Please advise how to do this. 2. 5x^2+42=0 How many roots exist in this equation and what type are they?

algebra homework
true or false, all rational numbers are integers. Explain

algebra-what catastrophe makes a kitten happy?
yeah but there are four blanks that only fills up two...

The chemachles will change color and make sprarks.


AP Biology
hey sarah do u go to BHS in fresno ca?

What happens when two molecules in a polysaccharide split apart? What is this process called? What enivornment do polysaccharides need to be in to perform this reaction? What is the ratio of C:H:O in sucrose?

1.13 seconds


I is Interest, but it doesn't list the definition of A.

When Todd won the one million dollar lottery, he kept some of the money(M) in a short term account at 4.2% and invested the remainder at 7.25%. Write a relationship between I and A.

Yes, the expression of Joules is generally very large when dealing with human beings moving slow, or small projectiles moving fast.

We r learning about the reproductive organs and they seem to be confusing me on how they they function together to make an embryo.Can someone explain how they function?

Give the reason for the step taken from a proof. <1 and <2 are a linear pair given m<1 + m<2 = 180* ? a. congruent supplements theorem b. vertical angles theorem c. linear pair postulate d. congruent complements theorem when i put < i hope you know what i mean a...

i didnt finish writing this question so look at the question above for the complete question

Give the reason for the step taken from a proof. <1 and <2 are a linear pair given m<1 + m<2 = 180* ? when i put < i hope you know what i mean and when i put an asterisk sign just replace it with a degrees sign in your mind.

Is the statement true or false? Explain your reasoning. Perpendicular lines always intersect at right angles.

If PQ=3 and PQ+RS=5, then 3+RS=5 is an example of the ___________. A. multiplication property of equality B. reflexive property of equality C. transitive property of equality D. substitution property of equality

From the given true statements, make a valid conclusion. If the dogs get out of the yard, the catcher will take them to the pound. The dogs got out of the yard.

Is the statement true or false? Explain your reasoning. Perpendicular lines always intersect at right angles.

after britain sent troops to boston to stop resistance to the townsedn acts, tensions exploded in the boston massacre of 1770 what was the effect?

what is a inverted pyramed?

Math, pleae help... just want to see if i got it

Tell whether each statement is true or false. Then write the converse and tell whether it is true or false. 28. P is the midpoint of segment GH implies that GH = 2PG I have this so far. p (hypothesis): P is the midpoint of segment GH, q (conclusion): GH = 2PG You don't nee...


physics 111
A runner times his speed around a circular track with a circumference of 0.508 mi. At the start he is running toward the east and the track starts bending toward the north. If he goes halfway around, he will be running toward the west. He finds that he has run a distance of 0....

physics 111
A bicycle travels 3.2 km due east in 0.10 h, then 5.6 km at 15.0° east of north in 0.11 h, and finally another 3.2 km due east in 0.10 h to reach its destination. The time lost in turning is negligible. What is the average velocity for the entire trip? i need to find the m...

how to convert grams andmeters and stuff like that?

what are the main features of a lab experiment

6 Grade Math
How many whole numbers are there between 99 and 1000?

Microecon help
Please help! Review for a test and am so lost! (1) An article in the New York Times (Oct. 18, 1990) described a successful marketing campaign by the French champagne industry. The article also noted that “many executives felt giddy about the stratospheric champagne prices...

Algebra II
Sue is three times as old as her sister. In one year from now, their combined ages will be 22. How old are they now?

why is it important to use the order of operation in mathmatics

Google it!!! it works:D

i dunno
Yes. Do you know anyone who has finished it? It can't go on forever. But still... is it really impossible?

i dunno
Is it possible to win the impossible quiz that's on addictivegames? I odn't want to waste my time trying to figure it out if you can never win. Thanks

what is a compimentary line in math? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you are studying Geometry:

Is modernization likely to continue in the U.S.? Explain your answer. Do you think people would be willing to go backward to prior technologies and ways of living, or will the society keep on "modernizing"? Once you "explain your answer, please be sure to re-pos...

A coin is dropped from rest into a well with water 45.0m below the hand that drops the coin. A) How much time passes between the release of the coin and its contact with the water? B)How fast will the coin be going when it lands in the pool? C)How long after the release of the...


vj is realy gay


what is the chemical equation for citric acid + sodium hydroxide? I will be happy to critique your thinking . Remember a salt and water will be formed. is it : C6H8O7 + 3NaOH--> NaC6H5O7 + 3H2O ? I would have written citric acid in this form H3-C6H5O7, and sodium citrate as...

The smallest number of people in a room where the probability of two of them having the same birthday is at least 50 percent.

some algebra help (radicals)

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