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simplify 2xcubed+3x+5 divided by x+1. i am finding 2x squared-3x-5 and the book says 2xsquared-2x+5.please help am stuck

If u were a immigrant in America at 1880 its most likely u were a- german N Lutheran b Italin N Catholic C Irish N protestant Or D Swedish n protestant

use the following data to calculate the mean bond enthalpy values for the C-H and C-C bonds. CH4(g)-C(g) + 4H(g) standard enthalpy change is +1648 kj/mol C2H6(g)-2C(g) + 6H(g) standard enthalpy change is +2820 kj/mol

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What volume of 0.010M silver nitrate will exactly react with 20ml of 0.0080M socium chloride solution?

a sample of compound C,H,N and O with a mass of 0.6216 was found to contain 0.1735g C,0.01455g H,0.2024g N.Its molecular mass 129.calculate its epirical and molecular formulas.

an iron supplement is used to treat anaemia and 50mg of iron 2 is required per tablet.if the iron compound used in the tablet is FeSO4.7H2O,what mass of this compound would be required per tablet to provide the desired amount of iron 2?


I know that the edge for the first one is 2r so in terms of r the lattice point (pt) would = 16. To find the face diagonal using the Pythagorean theorem it would be (2r)^2+(2r)^2= (face diagonal)^2.. But every time I would plug it in, its incorrect. And for the body diagonal, ...

Answer the following for a primitive cubic unit cell. Answers should be numerical, set r = 8.0 -edge in terms of r, the lattice pt radius:___ -face diagonal in terms of r, the lattice pt radius:___ -body diagonal in terms of r, the lattice pt radius:___ Answer the following fo...

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