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Social studies
How do nearby businesses with similar products usually compete? a. offering deals and low prices** b. changing to different product types c. lowering the level of service to save costs d. establishing a minimum price for everyone to use Whar is a positive effect of competiton...

Social studies
D B A, D A B

Algebra 9th
24. Correlation -0.015 How confident can you be? I'm confident in -0.015 because it's closer to 0 than anything else, therefore has no correlation. 25. 25. A college football coach wants to know if there is a correlation between his players' leg strength and the ...

@steve im not sure

10. Write an equation in point-slope form for the line through the given point with the given slope. (5, 2); m=3 a. y+2=3(x-5) *** b. y+2=3x-5 c. y-2=3(x+5) d.y-2=3(x-5) 11. Write an equation in point-slope form for the line through the given point with the given slope. (-10,-...


30. what kinds of professional support and resources are available to hispanics and latinos entering the technology field at places like the illinois institute of technology and the massachusetts institute of technology can someone help me with this??

22. Name two spanish film festivals with at least one fact about each. 23. Discuss the purpose of regional television in espana 24. what is a goya award and why is it significant 25. Briefly discuss emilia pardo bazan's most notable accomplishments. Can someone please help??

identify a theme in dragonwings analyze and explain how the author develops the theme over the course of the novel through the characters and plot be sure to use evidence from the beginning middle and end of the story to support your ideas

Romeo and Juliet
What is the answer Julie

I agree

How do you find the height and radius of a cylinder that has a volume of 26


Social Studies

You decided to post them the day before the due date? :P

Ho ho ho

its C for sure

For connexus did you get a 66.7%

Joyce and Efua are skating. Joyce pushes Efua, whose mass is 40.0 kg, with a force of 5.0 N. What is Efua's Resulting acceleration?

Science Help!
You do know you are considered a cheater for being on the website too Jasmine

Suppose in the figure blow that +1.00 103 J of work is done by the force F with arrow (magnitude = 30.0 N) in moving the suitcase a distance of 53.0 m. At what angle è, counterclockwise from the x-axis, is the force oriented with respect to the ground?

Read the question this is sort of common sense. If its valid (correct) then shouldn't the margin of error be small? If the failure rate is higher then something must be wrong.

English! - Help!
What alley cat said

Wrong is correct, thanks guys (:

pick a vertex. find the slope of the perpendicular to the opposite side. find the equation of the line with that slope, going through the vertex. pick another vertex and repeat find the intersection of the two lines. That's the orthocenter.

whats the answer then

Ur not Even good

Why are some saying they were right and some saying they are wrong?

50 mL of a 2.50 M solution of ammonium phosphate is added to 100mL of a 1.50 M solution of calcium nitrate. At the end of the reaction 11.2 grams of precipitate produced. What is the percent yield

Heyo so the primeter of the answer is goibg to be not the answer

I am stuck on a similar problem.

How did the two compromises reached during the Constitutional Convention satisfy competing groups?

a ton of calc
basically, my teacher gave us a bunch of optimization problems and i've been working on them for hours and can't get them. if i could have help with maybe the first four, that would be AWESOME. thanks. 1) find the point on the graph of the function y = x^2 that is ...

word unscramble in french


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