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citing on a research paper
For the first website you gave me, what would citing a website be under? China is considered to be one of the largest ranked economies in the world. Recently, it took the spot of Japan, who had the title of second largest economy for 40 years. China is predicted to take US...

citing on a research paper
Hi, I am a bit confused on how and when to cite sources on my research paper. For example, I have a small paragraph where I got the statistics from a website but I put it into my own words. So do I put a ( ) after each sentence or after the whole paragraph? And I have to cite ...

graphing trig functions
given y=(3x+2pi) how would i graph one period this without a calculator? amplitude:1 period: 2pi/b = 2pi/3 is this correct? what is the minimum and maximum points?

how do i solve for: 2^(x+1) =9 3e^(x-8) +5=14 log2x=4 and ln(2x-5)=4? thanks!

graphing trig functions
but for my quiz, i am not allowed a calculator

graphing trig functions
for graphing basic trig functions such as y=2sinx or y=1/3cosx, how do you know what the points are to graph with out using a calculator?

chem, predicting direction of change in entropy
Predict the direction of the entropy in each reaction. a. CaCO3(s)-> CaO(s) +CO2(g0 b. NH3(g)+HCl(g)->NH4Cl(s) c. 2NaHCO3-> Na2CO3(s)+H20(g) +CO2 d. CaO(s)+CO2(g)-> CaCO3

solve for the equation x sin x= -.35 180<x<270 sin x= .2 90<x<180 cos x = -.72 180< x<270 please explain, thanks :)

chem, find concentrations
A 2 liter container holds 2.2 mol of NH3 gas, which starts to decompose according to the following reaction. At equilibrium there are .6 mol of H2. Determine the concentrations of NH3, H2, and N2 at equilibrium. 2NH3-> 3H2+N2 ^ all gas

chem: equilibrium
Thanks, your explanation was a great help!

chem: equilibrium
In which direction does the equilibrium shift for the following reaction? SO2(g) + NO2 (g) <-> SO3(g0 + NO(g) + 42 KJ a. temperature increases b. pressure increases c. [SO2] increases d. [NO2] increases e. temperature decreases f. [No] increases Im confused on knowing wh...

what is the boiling point elevation when 31.5 g of menthol (C10H20 O ) is dissolved in 258g of acetic acid? Kb for acetic acid is 3.07 C/m.

so 180 g of KNO3?

what is the maximum amount of KNO3 that can dissolve in 300 grams of water at 40 degree C. Solubility of KNO3 is 60g/100g at 40C. how do i start to solve this?

What are your future academic and career aspirations? what does this mean?

In the document, that is how it is written. The period is afer the (104-105) . And do I not need ( ) for the page number? I am a bit confused on why there are ''' after do.

Thanks Ms. Sue! Just to clarify, This quote is from Document A. " We had witnessed a thing so terrible that it acquired a dreaful holiness. It was a mircale of evil. It was not possible to say with words what we had witnessed, and so we kpet it safely guarded until the ti...

Ms. Sue, I am writing an essay and I am wondering how you use the quotations marks when there is a quote within a quote. Thanks

I saw many horrifying things happening such as the German SS officer shooting the old rabbi who stopped to help a young women with a shrieking toddler and all three of them were shot immediately.

What is another word for things? I tried looking on the thesaurus but nothing seem to match. My sentence: " I saw many horrifying things happening.."

analyzing a poem!
The eye is drawn to that single yellow star that no wise man will follow. The hunched men in caps, the grimacing woman her eyes screwed up, cheeks hollow. We look and look again until we burn a hole in the paper. We strive to learn from their resignation but it is beyond us. W...


you are trying to dissolve 5 grams of sugar in 1 L of water. The sugar will not dissolve fast enough. Explain how you can increase the rate of dissolving? do you increase temperature?

analyzing poem
Thanks so much! :)

analyzing poem
The Butterfly - Pavel Friedmann He was the last. Truly the last. Such yellowness was bitter and blinding Like the sun’s tear shattered on stone. That was his true colour. And how easily he climbed, and how high, Certainly, climbing, he wanted To kiss the last of my world....

how did the cold war increase tension in the middle east?

find the number of possible 5 card hands that contain the cards specified a: 5 face cards(either king,queen, or jacks) b: 4 aces and 1 other card c: 2 aces and 3 kings please explain what im supposed to do thanks!

If the pressure of the original doubles does that mean the original will decrease by 1/2? Because pressure and volume are inversely proportion to each other?

world history germany
how did ww2 led to the postwar government of germany? what was the post war government?

Traditions Clothing Store is having a sale. Shirts that were regularly priced at $20 are on sale for $17. What is the percentage of decrease in the price of the shirts?

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