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The Cell membrane contains A) a double layer of fatty acid tails and phosphate heads B) cholesterol C) protein channels or pores D) a and b E A,B, and C

Why do you suppose Streptomyces griseus produces an enzyme that inactivates streptomycin? Why is this enzyme produced early in metabolism?

what are significants of Evolution of Eukaryotes ?

Hey corey, how did you figure that out?

True or False: The multi-cellular stage in the life cycle of a fungus is haploid. Yes, true. And to make it more interesting, there is a species of fungi that live in symbosis with orchid seeds (which have no end...

Low levels of calcium ions in the blood cause what? Low calcium can cause several things: Mucsle weakness and twitching Numbness of fingers and toes Seizures Heart arrhythmias (abnormal beating of the heart)

In an industrial accident, a sharp fragment of metal entered the head of a worker and lodged in the bony area where the vestibular branch of the auditory nerve leaves the ear. In order to evaluate what nerve damage had been done, doctors blindfolded the worker and strapped him...

Poetry, part 2
Hopkin's use of "seared", "bleared", and "smearded" is an example of You are probably looking for a grammatical which my mind is blank. But in poetry, rhythm usually sets the poem style, the use of seared, bleared, and smeared is th...

1)what process must occur between the F1 parents and the F1 gametes? 2)What process occurs between the gametes to poduce the F1 or F2 stage? 1) 2)

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