April 29, 2016

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Amelia's parents and grand parents have both opened savings accounts to save for Amelia's education this year. Amelia's parents' savings account earned 5% interest and her grandparents account earned 8% interest. This year the two savings accounts have earned a...
January 23, 2007

Ken's average driving speed is 25km/hr faster than Jim's. In the same length of time it takes Ken to drive 279 km, Jim drives only 204 km. What is Ken's average speed? Possible Answers: a) 93 km/hr b) 118 km/hr c) 43 km/hr d) 68 km/hr Let x equal the speed of Jim&#...
January 21, 2007

Social Studies
where would I find pictures of the pueblo indians and information about the food they ate back in the 1600's? and
November 29, 2006

Problem 2: You are a rock concert producer planning a rock concert. The demand schedule for tickets is P = 75 -0.005X where X is the number of people attending the concert. The marginal revenue function is MR = 75-0.01X. The fixed cost of putting on the concert is $150,000. ...
November 26, 2006

pre calc
Is there any complex numer that is equal to its conjugate? a+bi=a-bi????? precalc 11th grade a+bi=a-bi ---> 2 bi = 0 ---> b = 0 So, the imaginary part has to be zero.
November 16, 2006

I'm Guessing
November 4, 2006

someone please help me understand how this is done.state all the restritions on the variable 7x-13/x^2-16 Your problem: 7x - 13 ------- x^2 - 16 The restrictions are that x cannot equal 4 or -4. The denominator of a fraction cannot equal 0. I hope this helps and is what you ...
November 2, 2006

what is the number of noncollinear points that determine a cirlce infinite The minimum number of noncollinear points that will determine a unique circle is 3.
October 22, 2006

September 15, 2006

How can I lock columns on Excel and keep them locked when I put them into a Palm handheld? I'm not entirely sure what you mean by 'locked'. If you mean protecting them these are the procedures. In protecting cells, we actually do the procedure 'backwards'. ...
September 9, 2006

US History
Sally what school do u go to
August 24, 2006

I just had to give my two cents I am also in Axia Eth125. This is too good makes me feel relieved that I am not he only one that looks this stuff up. oh yea. I think they need to start updating the syllabus. lol
July 20, 2006

algebra 2
5x-3y=1 x+4y=-9 = (4,-9)
June 12, 2006

unscrambling word
Need help Icarlafto Untoegrnc
June 14, 2005

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