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can you please tell me types of metal and about them thanks
September 23, 2006

making dot arrays
Numbers that CAN be made into a 2-row dot array are EVEN numbers (2,4,6,8,etc). Those that CANNOT are called ODD (1,3,5,7). in other words, if the question is asking you to make a 2-row array, it wants you to divide the number by two and make 2 rows of X dots. Example - Make a...
August 31, 2006

Math - Chain Rule
I've been having some difficulities with this but I think I figured it out. Could you double check me and make sure I'm doing the correct steps? Differentiate and simplify the answer. f(x) = 2(3x+1)^4 (5x-3)^2 =2(3x+1)^4 [2(5x-3)(5)] + [8(3x+1)^3] (5x-3)^2 =2(3x+1)^4 [...
August 25, 2006

geometry:linear measure and precision
RS=4x,RS=ST,and RT=24
August 23, 2006

math - marginal analyis
A factory's output is Q=600K^1/2L^1/3 units, (read 600 x K to the 1/2 power x L to the 1/3 power). K denotes capital investment and L denotes the size of the labor force. Estimate the percentage increase in output that will result in a 2% increase in the size of the labor ...
August 13, 2006

math-marginal analyisis
Just need someone to double check this problem. I just don't feel comfortable with my answer. An enviromental study of a certain communtiy suggests that t years from now, the average level of carbon monoxide in the air will be Q(t)=0.05t^2+0.01t+3.4 parts per million. (...
August 11, 2006

I can only laugh! How freakin' funny that everyone at Axia doing their ETH125 homework trying to see what they can find on the net hits this site. Thanks for the tips (yes, they are just tips - because it does not tell you what it says in Chp2 pg34.) Good luck to all ...
July 20, 2006

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