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your company produces designer dog-leashes. the marginal costs are $4.50 per leash and each leash is sold for $12.00. You need to produce and sell 75 dog leashes per month in order to break even. Based on this information, what are your monthly fixed costs?

Give the domain of the following functions. Give your answer in interval notation. a) f(x)= 5x-2/x^2-5x+6 and b) square root of 5-2x

Starting with the kinematics equation x = vot + ½ at^2, derive an expression relating the acceleration and initial velocity of an object to two paired position and time measurements. In other words, if an object's position is x1 at t1, find the acceleration a and th...

What is the distance (in cm) covered from t = 0 s to t = 2.9? x = 22.60 y = +5.31

ball starts from rest under constant acceleration. If it travels a distance of 20.0 cm after time t, how far from the starting point is it after time 2t? Answer 40.0 cm. 60.0 cm. 80.0 cm. 100.0 cm. More information is needed to answer this question.

Why should the fence be mounted on the glider so that the "A" end will pass through the photogate first? Answer Because individual picket spacings may not be exactly equal, this allows one to read the position of the glider accurately and directly from the fence cali...

The air tracks tend to move slightly when a glider rebounds from the lower bumper of the air track. How might this movement affect the results obtained in this experiment? Answer No effect on the results of that run. The glider may accelerate less on the next run because it tr...

The period, T, of a pendulum is related to the pendulum's length, L and the constant acceleration of gravity, g, by the equation A student has measured the period of a pendulum for various lengths and wants to linearize the data to extract directly the acceleration of grav...

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