March 26, 2017

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math (trig)
Prove: sin^2(x/2) = csc^2x - cot^2x / 2csc^2(x) + 2csc(x)cot(x) On the right, factor the numberator as a difference of two perfect squares. In the denominator, factor out 2cscx. You ought to prodeed rather quickly to the proof.
July 16, 2007

math (trig)
Find sin(x/2) if sin(x)= -0.4 and 3pi/2 < or equal to (x) < or equal to 2pi Let's use cos 2A = 1 - 2sin2 A and we can match cos x = 1 - 2sin2 (x/2) so we will need cos x we know sin x = -.4 and x is in the fourth quadrant, so the cosine will be positive. Drawing a ...
July 15, 2007

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