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thank you

how do you turn grams into moles/molecules?

a candle was 27.9 grams. the mass of the candle that burned in 3 minutes was 7.2 grams. a) How many moles of wax were in the candle before it burned ? b) How many molecules are in the candle before it burned? c) How many moles of wax were used up during the burning? d) How man...

1) What 2 resources are used up as a candle burns? 2) What has happened to the atoms in these resources? 3) Is it possible to recover these 2 resources after theyve been used?

i was wondering if the following sentences correctly use the preterite and/ or imperfect: Juan pensaba que fue al amore al principio vista, pero Isabel empezo a trabjar con juan una dia despues de trabajo, Juan pidiera Isabel a comiera la cena con el

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