May 31, 2016

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please somebdy help me solveing this. Two cars start from rest at a red stop light. When the light turns green, both cars accelerate forward. The blue car accelerates uniformly at a rate of 4.3 m/s2 for 3.3 seconds. It then continues at a constant speed for 14.4 seconds, ...
September 20, 2014

1. A person has a penny, a nickel, a dime, a quarter, and a half-dollar in his pocket. If a coin is selected at random, find the probability that a) the coin is b) a. A quarter. c) b. A coin whose amount is greater than five cents
February 15, 2014

integral x/(x+5)^1/2 (u-5)/u^1/2 du giving u^1/2 du -5u^-1/2 du and integral will be now 2/3 u^3/2 -10u^1/2 +c =2/3(x+5)^3/2 -10(x+5)^1/2 +c =2/3(x+5)^1/2{(x+5) -30} +c =2/3(x+5)^1/2{(x -25} +c have i done something wrong??
November 19, 2009

integral from 5 to 0 1/(4+x^2)^1/2 this is what i have so far 1/(sq.root(4+x^2)) as (1/2) (1+y)^-(1/2) with y=(x/2)^2 The binomial series of (1+y)^a = sum_k (a,k) y^k where (a,k) is the binomial symbol. In this case a=-1/2. for some reason when i plug in the values i get the ...
November 19, 2009

Business messages:routine, bad-news, and persuasiv
routine business negitive messages
March 20, 2008

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