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the dolphin is often called a fish. it is really a mammal that lives in the sea. the dolphin must come to the surface to breathe. it can stay underwater six minutes before returning for air. often refferred to as the ''prankster of the sea,'' the dolphin is a f...

language please check
thank you for your nice words Ms. Sue:)

language please check
1-the baby was the PRINCIPLE reason for his happiness 2-the jury heard only the PRINCIPLE facts 3-It's not the facts that upset me,it's the PRICIPALS of the case 4-his hay fever was the PRINCIPLE reason for his sneezing 5-she was a person of strong PRINCIPLE

reading/language please check
'Good'and'well' -she performed WELL -you look GOOD in that color -these apples are GOOD -he rides his bike WELL -she made a GOOD attempt to win the race -the man reported that all was WELL in the coal mine -jonas said 'i feel WELL, thank you' -the team ...

reading/language please check
*principle or principal(do these make sense?) -She was a person of strong PRINCIPAL. -The PRICIPALS sat together at the district confrence. -How much of the total in my savings account is PRINCIPAL? -His hay fever was the PRINCIPAL reason for his sneezing. -It's not the fa...

3rd grade
the present tense of be are: *am *is *are just as what MS. SUE said

3rd grade
you divide 15 and 5 and then multiply the quotient with the numerator(1)

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