March 30, 2017

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English 10th Grade
Descriptive writing (300-500words) 'by the waterside' Describe some of the people and activities that make place there.
October 29, 2013

ELA 10
In a full paragraph, describe the character of the professor in "Saboteur." Give at least three details from the story to support your answer. (10 points)
January 27, 2013

Science (Chemistry
Use the experimental data below to determine the order of the reaction with respect to [Cr(NH3)5Cl]^2+(aq)+OH^-(aq)-->[Cr(NH3)5(OH)]^2+(aq) +Cl^-(aq) You must show your work for any calculations and/or sketch or include a printed graph showing how the equation of the line ...
October 11, 2011

Science (Chemistry
Write the relationship between the rate of disapperance of H2C2O4 (aq) and the rate of apperance on Mn ^2+ (aq) for the reaction represented by the following equation. 2MnO4^-(aq)+ 5H2C2O4 (aq)+6H3)^+(aq) -->10CO2(g)+2Mn^2+ (aq)+14H2) (l)
October 11, 2011

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