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Ron's car has a 12-gallon gas tank. If gas costs $1.45 per a gallon, how much will it cost to fill the tank?

if 3x+5y=k than what values could k have so that the x intercept and y intercept of the equation's graph would both be integers? explain.

if the isosceles triangle abc has one base angle of 2x-20 and the other base angle x+10 then what is the measure of angle b given the choices 36,40, 44, and 48

your question #9 is wrong it is A.

Rigsby Company purchased many small tools during 2010 at a total cost of $9,500. Some tools were expected to last for a few weeks, some for several months, and slme for several years. Rigsby income for 2010 will be about $5.2 million. How should Rigsby account for the small to...

died on a cross

Soybean meal is 16% protein and corn meal is 9% protein. How many pounds of each should be mixed to get a 350-lb mixture that is 12% protein?

4th Grade Social Studies
an organized tangle like double bow how fast are we going the captain should know

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