July 23, 2014

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1st grade
thanks Ms Sue you are great. Am a mother with little education trying to help my baby with these am so lost. Am thankful that you did help me out..

1st grade
Thanks that what I taught too Ms Sue... so can you help me with these one: Tell Stella not to forget the balloons. Can John go with Becky, Sam and me to play? Steve gave the dogs a bath today. The cats played with a ball of yarn.

1st grade
Rewriting sentences with nouns and replacing them with pronouns.. The boys wanted to give a dad a gift.

i need to find facts on the number 4 What kind of facts? The number 4 immediately precedes the number 5 and is the first whole number after 3. Then you can make up a bunch of stuff using 4; i.e, 96 + 4 = 100 etc. If this is not the right direction, please repost and clarify. I...

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