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Raul says he has equal numbers of dimes and quarters and four times as many nickles as dimes. The value of his nickles and dimes is 50 cents more than the value of his quarters. How many of each kind of coin does he have?

Composite Volcano

800 people where asked what sport they liked 120 said football what is this as a fraction in its lowest form ?

I am waiting for the rain for such a Long time This heat is suffocating Air conditioner has just become the prime Opening the windows and everywhere there is grime Feels like I am in a desert Will it ever Rain or will it stay forever hazard? Time has passed and not a single wa...

About 5.4 cm ^2. (decimal keeps on repeating with different numbers). P=lw Since the perimeter is 85 cm, and the width is 15.4, you substitude and solve to get 15.7x=85. Do the same for both sides (divide 15.7) and you get x= about 5.4. God Bless! <3

6th Grade Math
thank you so much!!!!

please help... history/social studies?
Oh yeah! I remeber I learned THIS in schooL! I remeber now!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH MS.SUE! <3

please help... history/social studies?
What important contribution did the Phoenicians make to world civilizations? Hoesntly, I don't know. How was htat contribution spread to other cultures?

Chemisdtry - Lewis Structures (check + help)
C has 4 electrons, O has 6 electrons + -2 charge adds 2 more electrons 4 + (3 * 6) + 2 = 24 electrons 4 atoms * 8 electrons per atom = 32 electrons 32 – 24 = 8 electrons 8 electrons ÷ 2 electrons per bond = 4 bonds 24 – 8 = 16 electrons 16 electrons = 8 pairs ...

B is the midpoint of AC, if AB=3x+4 and AC = 15x-19, find x and bc

Math Challenge
Please help, even if you only know 1 answer. 1. The length of each side of rectangle R is an integer, and the area of R is 2009. What is the largest possible perimeter of R? 2. If i place all three operational symbols +, -, x, in all possible way into the blanks if the express...

Algebra Problem
7,5 r right

25mpg..excluding other factors 1 mph = 1.609 km/h

MLA No these are all my words i did not quote anything but stated his position from his essays.. thanks

American History
Try to read a little about the roaring 20's and what happened to women at that time. The womens rights movement is a part of something much larger. Woman fought for a long time. The Bill of Rights, due process clause of the 14th Amendment and related support helped women.

they just want you hooked, want their product to cycle through your diet as often as possible. I feel that the wellness and health are just used to push their products, quick meals, i said as often as possible, fast. Kraft products are full of things that make u ...

what do u need to figure out with the 2 givens?

Physical Science
(B) is typically measured in either teslas (SI units) or gauss (cgs units), while the magnetic field intensity (H) is measured in Amperes/meter (SI units) or oersted (cgs units). First, changes in either of these fields can cause ("induce") changes in the other, acco...

array programming, module-based programming and object-based programming (Fortran 90 / 95), and object-oriented and generic programming (Fortran 2003).

home economics
buy hybrids. reduction in .35 to .20 or less

Count in increments of 256MB

Please ignore the last two answers. Suppose Fred's Computers advertises that their new computer comes with exactly 1,200 megabytes of RAM in main memory. Why is this unlikely to be true? Answer: The reason this is unlikely true is due to the 1200MB of RAM. RAM comes in Inc...

(1) T cos theta = mg m = (T/g) cos theta (2) T sin theta = m V^2/r = (T/g) cos theta V^2/r tan theta = V^2/(gr) V = sqrt [g r tan theta) 3) V * period = V/f = 2 pi r f = [1/(2 pi)]* sqrt (g r tan theta)

Preschool/child dictation
A. When writing dictation for preschool it is most important to respect their words and write them exactly as they say them. Not doing so would confuse them when you read back to them what they have said. (This response was copied verbatim from another website; I happen to agr...

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