March 28, 2017

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October 24, 2014

The asteroid Ceres has a mass 7.061 × 1020 kg and a radius of 505.2 km. What is g on the surface? The value of the universal gravitational constant is 6.67259 × 10−11 N · m2/kg2.
February 2, 2011

Mars has a mass of about 6.14 × 1023 kg, and its moon Phobos has a mass of about 9.8 × 1015 kg. If the magnitude of the gravitational force between the two bodies is 4.18 × 1015 N, how far apart are Mars and Phobos? The value of the universal gravitational ...
February 1, 2011

A pelican flying along a horizontal path drops a fish from a height of 5.0 m. The fish travels 8.5 m horizontally before it hits the water below. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2 . a) What was the pelican’s initial speed? Answer in units of m/s
January 10, 2011

math 5TH GRADE
The factory wants you to build a box that will hold twice as many cubes.What are the dimensions of a box that contains two times as many cubes as a box that is 2 by 3 by 4 ? W rite the dimensions and explain how you found your answer.
November 1, 2010

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