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Block B weighs 708 N. The coefficient of static friction between block and table is 0.32. Assume that the cord between B and the knot is horizontal. Find the maximum weight of block A for which the system will be stationary.

An airplane is flying in a horizontal circle at a speed of 490 km/h. If its wings are tilted at 44° to the horizontal, what is the radius of the circle in which the plane is flying? Assume that the required force is procided entirely by an "aerodynamic lift" that...

What is the smallest radius of an unbanked (flat) track around which a bicyclist can travel if her speed is 31 km/h and the coefficient of static friction between the tires and the road is 0.29?

During an Olympic bobsled run, the Jamaican team makes a turn of radius 7.9 m at a speed of 97.4 km/h. What is their accelaration in g-units?

A sphere of mass 3.3 10-4 kg is suspended from a cord. A steady horizontal breeze pushes the sphere so that the cord makes an angle of 41° with the vertical when at rest (a) Find the magnitude of that push. (b) Find the tension in the cord.

yes since you x value is positive the graph opens upwards, and all absolute value graphs have a distinct V shape, using the vertical line test you can see that it is a function

AP physics
i really need help on this problem!! Three blocks are connected,on a horizontal frictionless table and pulled to the right with a force T3 = 64.4 N. Assume that m1 = 12.5 kg, m2 = 25.0 kg, and m3 = 31.7 kg. (a) Calculate the acceleration of the system (b)Calculate the tensions...

AP Physics

AP Physics
è is theta

AP Physics
While exploring a cave, a spelunker starts at the entrance and moves the following distances: 75.0 m north, 250 m east, 210 m at an angle 30.0° north of east, and 150 m south. Find the resultant displacement from the cave entrance. I know I have to use the formulas Ax = A ...

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