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world history
hat effects did the caste system have on the Indian Society
September 11, 2007

world history
What important contributions did the Aryans make to ancient India
September 11, 2007

world history
What thories do historians offer to explain the collapse of early Indus Valley civilizations?
September 11, 2007

what is the similarites and differences between the terrestrial biomes and aquatic life zone
September 9, 2007

The 20 year in theater = living in xaisle
March 23, 2007

science and medicine
I don't have any idea how to solve this. Could someone show me the steps in solving this word problem? I am at a loss! Abus leaves a station at 1 pm., traveling west at a rate of 44 mi/h. One hour later a second bus leaves the same station, traveling east at a rate of 48 ...
March 21, 2007

C3H8 + 5O2 yields 4H2O + 3CO2 The combustion of 18.9 L of propane produces 35.1 kilograms of carbon dioxide.
March 1, 2007

the qustion is common sense. the avrage of a regular soft drink bottle is problably the for the ballon
February 27, 2007

Describe how ciminological theories can affect criminal justice policies and procedures. We do not do your homework for you. However, we will be glad to proofread and give you suggestions. Please repost. Does anyne know where I can get the information to describe how ...
February 24, 2007

Why is it important to consider inversely the nexus between theory and policy? Be concise. Does anyone know where I can get information to find out why it is important to consider inversely the nexus between theory and policy? I need to be concise.
February 24, 2007

Computer technology
To explain why “commonality” is important,the 2000 Presidential election was affected by apparently confusing punch cards in Florida. In that scenario, the interaction of humans with technology failed to prove consistent and resulted in a recount that cost time, ...
February 24, 2007

What is a PC? "PC" can stand for several things. In our society right now, the most common references are these: Politically correct Personal computer I'm sure there are plenty of others!! =) One thing it stands for is personal computer. But I'm sure there ...
January 19, 2007

word riddle help please
what word am I? my first letter is in Austin but not in boston. my 2nd is in pond and also in frond my 3rd is in the city but not in the street my 4th is not in steak, but is found in meat my 5th and the 8th are one and the same they are found in the park, the ball and the ...
December 11, 2006

Linear Programming
I need help formulating a LP model to solve this question. "An investment company helps a client with 300,000 dollars to invest into 3 funds. At least 10% must be invested in a Growth and Income fund and at least 20% must be invested in a money market fund. The client has...
November 5, 2006

Chem titration ph
What arethe pH, pOH, and concentrations of CO3 2- and HCO3 - after 1.000 mL of 0.1500 M HCl is added to 100.0 mL of 0.0100-M sodium carbonate solution? ignore the added1% volume. CO3^-2 + H^+ ==> HCO3^- Calculate mols carbonate to start. Calculate mols HCl to start. ...
October 5, 2006

How to make my friend much better
How to decorate a poster? Calligraphy for all lettering Collage of photos (from old magazines or??) Images you draw/paint yourself Here are some websites that can help, too: (Broken Link Removed) (Broken Link Removed) =)
September 24, 2006

What is the role of rhetoric in influencing people's attitudes and beliefs? How can readers's distinguish between prejudicial and nonprejudicial use of rhetorical devices? Although prejudice is often defined as a negative attitude, we all have prejudices (biases) ...
September 5, 2006

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