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Is there any technic to do keyboarding without all the mess ups so I can get a better grade?
September 4, 2007

Thank you very much.
September 4, 2007

Okay I am stuck on a problem: What do you call the numbers that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays?
September 4, 2007

How Do I Get The Answer For -3(x+4)=7(2x-5) ?
September 1, 2007

theater arts
whats comes in a career circle
August 26, 2007

English Grammer- Punctuation
Some of these sentances are really a mess and Grammer is not my strong point. How would I write them correctly and please explain why? 1.The goose bit the mailman on the leg. 2.With five gallons of gas. 3.Because the store was closed. 4.For the seventh time. 5.The rainbow ...
August 10, 2007

how would I write 145% as a fraction? it would be 145/1000 could you by any chance help me with my question it is between luke and dogauls question thanks Julie is incorrect 145/100 reduce to 29/20
May 31, 2007

say you have 4/13 and the decimal equivalent to it is 30.76923 how do I round 3 decimal places? you round 2 da thousandths. For example since the decimal u hav is 30.76923, round it to the last three numbers after the decimal point. So 30.76923 would be 30.769. It would remain...
May 31, 2007

Am I doing this correctly and is the answer right? Assuming 1 hour of running in plsce burns 650 cal/h if a person ran in place for 15 min.'s how many calories would be burned? 650/1 * 1/4= 325/2=162.5 calories burned every 15 min.'s 650/1 = x/.25 will give the same ...
May 22, 2007

5th Grade science cells
April 18, 2007

Expand each logarithm. log 7(3x-2)^2 log(3xyz)^2 Thanks in advance. One. log7(3x-2)^2= log7 + 2 log (3x-2)
April 16, 2007

How does friction, velocity, and acceleration apply to volleyball? -thanks a lot if u help! <3AMBER Think of what happens when your hand comes in contact with the ball. Why doesn't your hand just slip off the ball? Consider changes of direction and speed of the ball. ...
April 16, 2007

you have to find the deltaV for the water, then the deltaV for the pyrex beaker, then subtract the two.
April 13, 2007

An astronaut is in space at the midpoint between two stars of equal mass. Everything else is infinetly far away. What is the weight of the astronaut? Explain your answer. The attraction to each of the stars is equal, but opposite direction. Weight is the net force of attraction.
April 9, 2007

which president got stuck in the bathtub? is he dead or alive? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. This is a trivia question! He was born in 1857 and died at 72 years of age in 1930. But he lived through...
March 14, 2007

Physics- drwls please help
I had this prob with different numbers. it wants the answer in scientific notation. mine was 6.5E-3
March 14, 2007

Why is this problem 37,1% correct. Sam scored 45 points againd Memphis in an NBA game. He made 13 of 37 shots what was his shooting percentage? Multiple choice test. 37% 37.4% 37.1% 37.3%
March 9, 2007

Kobe Bryant scored 62 points against the Dallas Mavericks in an NBA game. He made 17 of 29 shots. What is his shooting percentage? The answer should be 17%. How do you get that? I have calculated the answer to be 58.6%. the score was 17 out of 29, so 17 is divided by 29 to ...
March 9, 2007

multiplying fraction
ok my homework on here is talking about multiplaying negative and positive fractions...I REALLY NEED HELP!!!!the equation is 5/12 x -8/5 =?? i do understand any of it!plz hlp as soon as you can
February 6, 2007

Math! Help! Help! Help!
Hello a compound with: density of: .80 g/cm^(3) volume of: 1ML what is the mass? How do you conver this? mass = volume x density solve for mass volume = 1 mL = 1 cc = 1 cm^3 density = 0.8 g/cc plug and chug Post your work if you don't understand this and tell us exactly ...
January 31, 2007

7th grade math
what is the equivalent expressin of 7(5x) 35x ? 35x
January 9, 2007

HOW DO YOU REMEMBER WHICH GENES ARE WHICH! What do you mean which genes are which? There are thousands of genes and it all depends on the organism.... What kind of genes? human genes? plant genes? Go to and type in "gene mnemonic" without the quotation...
December 25, 2006

Physics, please help
Hello, I don't know how about to answering this question: work out the problem of a ball of mass m that falls a distance h from rest. It hits the floor and rebounds to its starting height. (a) What total time ie required for the motion? (Neglect the time of contact with ...
October 31, 2006

i think youre rumessa is black and shes a show-off and she thinks shes it shes bob boys batter her up she is stupid
October 22, 2006

same here i havent got a clue wat to put!
October 20, 2006

How many diangonals are there in a hexagon? Is there a simple formula for this? I think I am doing this the hard way. Thank you! Three diagonals per vertex. There are six vertexs. However, each diagonal has two ends (vertexes), so divide the number by two. Using exactly 4-4&#...
October 19, 2006

Well for one captive born animals do not know how to survive in the wild, in order for reintroduction to the wild the an must know how to survive, forage for food be excepted by a family if the animal lives with others there so many difficulties.
October 17, 2006

Evaluate the difficulties with reintroduction programs using captive-born animals. thanks, Amber I have no idea
October 17, 2006

U.S History
Theres a few questions i have... 1. The first two battles of the Revolutionary war were at _________ and _______ . 2. All other states modeled their declaration after ___________. 3. Each new state could give their grievances by writing a ___________. 4. Unaware that a peace ...
October 17, 2006

Can you help me find out about slavery in South America????? Please!!! I found this on google. Perhaps it will help.
October 13, 2006

magnetic lines flow from what to what? Magnetic lines of force, acutally, are imaginary lines and they are assumed to flow form north pole to south pole outside the magnet and from south pole to north pole inside the magnet.
October 13, 2006

Re: Pig question (Physics)
Thank you, I think I get it now. I have one more question: a kimchi container of mass 1=3.0 kg connected to a block of mass m2 by a cord looped around a frictionless pulley. The cord and pulley have negligible mass. When the container is released from rest, it accelerates at 1...
October 12, 2006

pig question (PHYSICS)
Hello, a slide loving pig slides down a certain 35° slide in twice the time it would take to slide down a frictionless 35° slide. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the pig and the slide? Is this the equation on how to solve it? It's ahard one to ...
October 12, 2006

How can exoctic species affect populations of native species? Exotic species out compete native species in several ways. One way is through competition in the environment for habitat dominancy and resource utalisation. Being exotic means they don't have any naturally ...
October 12, 2006

What are 2 reasons for a species to become threatened or endangered? Usually a change or restricting a habitat will cause a species to become threatened or endangered. Also -- when new predators are introduced or old ones become more powerful, native species are threatened. ...
October 12, 2006

Simplify 4/5th root of 64a to the 3rd power This does not simplify well. (64a)^(12/5) sorry cant help you
October 9, 2006

U.S History
Unscramble this message: worl h wa emer ralp d. " the 'ro und "th son, eard e sh ldo ot h thanks. =) That doesn't work. I already tried it. Just guessing ... worl h wa emer ralp d. " the 'ro und "th son, eard e sh ldo ...
October 5, 2006

1.A woman rides a carnival Ferris wheel at radius 15 m, completing five turns about its horizontal axis every minute. What are (a) the period of the motion, the (b) magnitude and (c) direction of her centripetal acceleration at the highest point, and the (d) magnitude and (e...
October 1, 2006

The resistance(r)of a wire varies directly as the length(L)of the wire and inversely as the square of the diameter(d). If the resistance is 9ohms in 50ft of wire that has a diameter of 0.05in, find the resistance in 50ft of a similar wire that has a diameter of 0.02in. ...
September 22, 2006

RE: adjusting entry
Can someone help me prepare an adjusting entry for the following> Prepaid insurance account had 4,000 balance on December 31, 2007. An analysis of insurance policies shows that 1,200 of unexpired insurance benefits remain at December 31, 2008. Prepaid insurance is an asset...
September 19, 2006

Profit margin ratio
Could someone please help? I have to compute the profit margin for the following: Net income Net Sales A. $4,390 $44,830 B. 97,644 398,954 C. 111,385 257,082 D. 65,234 1,458,999 E. 80,158 435,925 I think (check your text) you use Net Profit Margin = Net Income / Net Sales ...
September 16, 2006

Please Help I have no idea how to do this! I have to prepare a adjusting entry for year ended December 31, 2008 A. One third of the work related to 15,000 cash recieved in advance is performed this period. The company has a bank loan and has incurred but not recorded interest ...
September 16, 2006

Patty Piper recently began a swimming pool chlorination service. She visits each of her clients on a weekly basis and applies chlorine gas and other chemicals to their pools. This service in not only convenient for her clientele but is actually less costly than if the ...
September 13, 2006

Thank you for answering my question!! Im in 7th grade and i 4got how 2 do Algebra! thank u again
September 10, 2006

how would i do 2x+12=5x+8-x????????? 2x+12=5x+8-x This seems to be a continuing question. The idea is to gather the x's on one side, and the constants on the other. Subtract 2x from both sides. subtract 8 from both sides. You ought to have numbers on one side, and x's ...
September 10, 2006

It's been too long... someone please help - 4th grade grammar, simple and complete subjects in sentences. This webpage should help immensely. Just remember that the complete subject is the simple subject plus all its ...
September 6, 2006

cultural diversity
Identify and describe which, if any, of these creations and consequence situations the group has faced: creation: extermination, annexation, or colonization consequences: extermination, expulsion, secession, segregation, fusion, or assimilation
August 25, 2006

wow! This is crazy! I am in my second week of Ethics 125 with University of Phoenix. What a tough class!
July 20, 2006

In my critical thinkig class we are talking about rhetorical devices and commercials. I was just wondering what type of rhetorical devices are used in the proactive commercial that Jessica simpson is in?
July 13, 2006

What is the role of rhetoric in influencing people's attitudes and beliefs? How can readers's distinguish between prejudicial and nonprejudicial use of rhetorical devices? Check this site. To persuade people into believing ...
July 10, 2006

Yes I just had a problem like this too. You would multiply by 320 and divide by 11 squared. 2.6 N would be correct for 2 signifigant digits.
August 28, 2005

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